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CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+)


CTT+ authorization is designed to give instructors the skills and confidence they need to deliver successful training sessions, whether in a traditional or simulated classroom environment. The certification process includes a video submission of the candidate’s coaching during a training session, which allows CompTIA to confirm that the candidate has effective teaching skills.

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Course Information

Domain 1: Planning Prior to the Course

Module 1: Review of Organisational Needs and Learners' Backgrounds in Relationship to Course Objectives

  • Key Content Points Likely to Cause Learner Questions
  • Points in the Content Where Learner Resistance May Occur
  • Objectives and Information Not Specified in the Materials but Desired by the Client or Learner
  • Types of Needs Assessments, Such as Surveys or Interviews with Trainees Supervisors
  • Situations in Which it is Appropriate to Modify Learning Materials and Delivery Tools Based on Commonly accepted practice or theory
  • Techniques Used to Adjust Instructional Activities to Meet the Needs of the Group and the Situation
  • Learning Objectives to Ensure that Content and Design Retain their Original Integrity
  • Techniques to Ensure that an Adequate Range of Learner Characteristics have been Addressed
  • Instructional Design Techniques to Create Customized Training
  • Available Instructional Resources and Delivery Tools in Classroom or Virtual Session Room

Module 2: Instructional Environment in Relationship to Learning Objectives

  • Logistical Needs Prior to the Instructional Session
  • Logistical Needs After the Instructional Session
  • Optimal Seating Arrangements to Provide a Viable Learning Environment Consistent with the Instructional Design
  • Optimal Virtual Arrangements to Provide a Viable Learning Environment Consistent with the Instructional Design
  • Optimal Organization of Learner Supplies, References, and Materials
  • Equipment Set-Up Techniques that Ensure a Safe Environment
  • Physical Environmental Needs to Maximize Learner Comfort and Safety
  • Virtual Environmental Needs to Maximize Learner Comfort and Safety
  • Corrective Actions that Should Be Communicated to Appropriate Authorities

Domain 2: Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery

Module 1: Selection and Implementation of Instructional Methods

  • Instructional Methods as Described by Course Designers
  • Pros and Cons of Each Instructional Method
  • Learning Styles Associated with Adult-Learning Theory (Malcolm Knowles)
  • Learning styles such as Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual
  • Various Learning Styles for Technical Learners
  • Various Learning Methods for Non-Technical Content
  • Techniques for Delivering Instruction in a Classroom Environment
  • Techniques for Delivering Instruction in a Technology-Delivered Environment (computer-lab)
  • Techniques for Delivering Instruction in a Virtual Environment

Module 2: Use of Presentation and Instructional Media

  • Types of Media that can be Used to Support and Enhance Instructional Delivery
  • Types of Media that Support and Enhance Content Needs
  • Pros and Cons of Each Media Type
  • Technology Limitations Associated with E-Learning

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Domain 3: Instructor Credibility and Communication

Module 1: Instructor Delivery Competence and Content Expertise

  • Personal Conduct Acceptable to Clients and Learners
  • Acceptable Manners and Behaviors for Learners
  • Consistency of Values and Actions is Demonstrated
  • Instructional Content
  • How Learners Use Course Content Post-Training

Module 2: Instructor of Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Grammar and Syntax
  • Colloquialisms, Technical Terms, Acronyms, and Organisational Jargon Used for Clarification at the Appropriate Level for the Content and the Group
  • Use of Voice
  • Vocalization
  • Nonverbal Communication
  • Technical Non-Verbal Tools Such as Emoticons

Domain 4: Group Facilitation

Module 1: Establishment and Management of a Learner-Centered Environment

  • Group Dynamics
  • Group Development Phases
  • Group Facilitation Techniques
  • Techniques to Engage Learners

Module 2: Promotion of Learner Engagement and Participation

  • Active Listening Techniques
  • Types and Uses of Questions
  • Pros and Cons of Each Type of Question
  • Cognitive Levels
  • Frequency of Elicitation and Interactions
  • Understand the Value of Social Learning

Module 3: Assessment of Learners' Needs for Additional Explanation and Encouragement

  • Tools and Techniques for Determining Learners' Need for Clarification
  • Techniques for Providing Positive and Negative Feedback

Module 4: Motivation and Positive Reinforcement of Learners

  • Theories of Learner Motivation
  • Personality and Learning Style Differences of Learners
  • Relevance of Learning to Job Requirements
  • Techniques for Motivating Learners

Domain 5: Evaluate the Training Event

Module 1: Evaluation of Learner Performance during and at Close of Instruction

  • Performance Assessment Methodology
  • Need for Multiple Observations and Evaluations of Each Learner
  • Need for the Same Evaluation Standards Across Learners
  • Evaluation Techniques Including Both Formative and Summative
  • Post-Course Support Methods to Communicate with Learners

Module 2: Evaluation of Instructor and Course

  • Methods to Evaluate Instructional Delivery
  • Types of Evaluation
  • Legal Requirements Associated with Preparing Reports on Learners
  • Organizational Requirements for End-of-Course Reports

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Audience Profile

This training course is ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade their expertise in effectively presenting events to the candidates in a training session.

Q: What is the CompTIA CTT+ certification?

A: The CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification is for learners who want to have a standard of excellence in the training field. CTT+ confirms the knowledge and use of tools and techniques required for successfully teaching in today's learning system.

Q: What are the prerequisites for CompTIA CTT+ Certification?

A: There are no prerequisites required for the CTT+ certification exam. Anyone can enroll and get this certification, and no other certification is required to do this course. 

Q: What are the career paths for CompTIA Certified Technical Trainers?

A: It helps prepare you for a range of career paths such as a Certified Technical Trainer, eLearning Designer, Technical Writer, Corporate Trainer, Lead Technical Trainer, Adobe Certified Instructor, and Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Q: Who is the target audience for this course?

A: This course is designed to keep all training professionals who can be applied to all industries that provide technical and non-technical training and education to trainees.

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    What People say?

    Mohammed Aljbreen Operation Specialist, SAMA

    The Clarity of the Content was very good. The explanation of the trainer with in-depth knowledge in a proper flow really impressed me to give 5 star rating.

    Arindam Chakraborty Systems Specialist, King Abdullah University of Sciences & Technology

    The Instructor was really impressive. Clear cut explanation of every topic he covered with real time scenarios.

    Sher Afzal Khan Cloud Engineer, Cloud 9 Networks

    The Trainer and the Course Material, both are good. Good flow of explanation with simple examples. The complete training was focused on current industry challenges.

    Jawed Ahmad Siddiqui Sr. System Administrator, Saudi Ceramics

    The Trainer’s presentation was impressed me to continue the course till end. Never feel bore till the entire sessions. She studied our mindset and follows.

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