Certified Quality Inspector (CQI)

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Course Overview

The ASQ-Certified Quality Inspector (ASQ-CQI) certification is a professional credential awarded by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) to individuals who meet specific criteria and pass a detailed examination. It verifies an individual’s depth of understanding of quality inspection principles and practices, including technical math, statistical techniques, metrology, and calibration. Businesses across industries value ASQ-CQI due to its focus on quality control and improvement. Professionals holding ASQ-CQI use their expertise to ensure product and process quality, thus helping businesses adhere to regulatory compliance, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiency. This certification is globally recognized and is used in a variety of industries like manufacturing, healthcare, and service sectors.

Target Audiance

  • The target audience for ASQ - Certified Quality Inspector (ASQ- CQI) training would be quality professionals, such as inspectors, auditors, and process/product improvement personnel looking to add credentials to their resumes. This training is also suitable for personnel from engineering, manufacturing, service, and healthcare industries that work as part of a quality unit, or looking to move into a career in quality.
  • Additionally, this training would be an excellent fit for individuals seeking a competitive edge in the job market, with a focus on demonstrating exceptional quality expertise. Overall, non-quality professionals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to transition into a quality role, can benefit from the hands-on training and credential provided by the ASQ - Certified Quality Inspector (ASQ- CQI) training.

Schedule Dates

Certified Quality Inspector (CQI)
19 March 2024 - 21 March 2024
Certified Quality Inspector (CQI)
19 June 2024 - 21 June 2024
Certified Quality Inspector (CQI)
23 September 2024 - 25 September 2024
Certified Quality Inspector (CQI)
23 December 2024 - 25 December 2024

Course Content

  • Course Introduction

  • Basic Shop Math
  • Basic Algebra
  • Basic Geometry
  • Basic Trigonometry
  • Measurement Systems
  • Numeric Conversions

  • Common Gauges and Measurement Instruments
  • Special Gauges and Applications
  • Gauge Selection, Handling and Use
  • Surface Plate Tools and Techniques
  • Specialized Inspection Equipment
  • Calibration
  • Measurement System Analysis (MSA)

  • Basic Statistics and Applications
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Audits
  • Quality Tools and Techniques
  • Problem – solving Tools and Continuous Improvement Techniques
  • Resources

  • Post Test


The CQI Certification is a valuable credential that signifies a professional’s mastery of inspection techniques, statistical tools, and quality management principles. It enhances career opportunities and recognition within the quality field.

The course covers a broad spectrum of inspection techniques, including visual inspection, measurement and test equipment usage, sampling methods, and statistical process control (SPC) application.

Yes, the ASQ CQI Certification is designed to be accessible to individuals at different experience levels. It serves as a foundational certification for those new to quality inspection while also validating the skills of experienced professionals.

Yes, the CQI Certification can serve as a foundational step for professionals looking to pursue advanced certifications in the quality domain. It establishes a solid base of knowledge and skills applicable to broader quality management roles.

Yes, the ASQ CQI Certification is recognized globally as a mark of excellence in quality inspection. ASQ, as a leading quality organization, lends significant credibility to the certification, making it widely respected in the industry.

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