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Docker And Kubernetes Certification Course


Docker And Kubernetes Certification course is made to Build, test, and deploy Docker applications with Kubernetes while learning production-style development workflows Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating management, placement, scaling, and routing of containers. Which provides an API to control how and where the containers would run seeing the Docker which is also an open-source container-file format for automating the deployment of applications as portable, self-sufficient containers that can run in the cloud or on-premises. Jointly, this 2 days course of Kubernetes and Docker has evolved hugely famous among developers, especially in the DevOps world. Docker and Kubernetes are one giant open-source technologies, largely written in the Go programming language, that use human-readable YAML files to specify application stacks and their deployment. After learning about the basics of how the container is and how it enables cloud-native application designs you will get Docker and Kubernetes course certification.


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  • Software Developers
  • IT Professionals & Architects
  • Operational Engineers

Q: Who will be the targetted audience of the Docker and Kubernetes course?

A: The targetted audiences of the Docker and Kubernetes course will be those software & testing professionals that are working tirelessly for software architects and designers with open-source contributors and enthusiasts, the developers who want to accelerate their careers as professionals using Dockers and Kubernetes, and lastly, those managers who are technical subject matter experts, leading software development projects

Q: Is there any future scope in Kubernetes?

A: The future of Kubernetes is in the custom resource definitions (CRDs) and conceptions that we build on top of Kubernetes and make available to users through CRDs.

Q: What are the requirements for Docker and Kubernetes course?

A: The main requirements for Docker and Kubernetes course are having a basic command knowledge of Linux, understanding of DevOps and YAML programming language (beneficial, not mandatory)

Q: What is the demand for Docker and Kubernetes in the international market?

A: While businesses everywhere are migrating to the cloud, enabler technologies are seeing a huge leap in innovation as well as adoption. Docker and Kubernetes are shaping the future of business architecture so there is an incredibly huge demand for Docker and Kubernetes around the globe, and organizations everywhere are considering these two major platforms for containers and microservices whole-heartedly.

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    What People say?

    Mohammed Aljbreen Operation Specialist, SAMA

    The Clarity of the Content was very good. The explanation of the trainer with in-depth knowledge in a proper flow really impressed me to give 5 star rating.

    Arindam Chakraborty Systems Specialist, King Abdullah University of Sciences & Technology

    The Instructor was really impressive. Clear cut explanation of every topic he covered with real time scenarios.

    Sher Afzal Khan Cloud Engineer, Cloud 9 Networks

    The Trainer and the Course Material, both are good. Good flow of explanation with simple examples. The complete training was focused on current industry challenges.

    Jawed Ahmad Siddiqui Sr. System Administrator, Saudi Ceramics

    The Trainer’s presentation was impressed me to continue the course till end. Never feel bore till the entire sessions. She studied our mindset and follows.

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