NSE 4: Fortinet Network Security Expert Training In Riyadh

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Course Overview

Fortinet NSE4 Network Security Expert Training Riyadh

Counseltrain offers a comprehensive program in Riyadh called Fortinet network security expert training. This training is designed to equip individuals with the skills to effectively manage Fortigate devices. Fortinet, a leading cybersecurity company, aims to empower participants to become professional network security experts by providing them with the knowledge and expertise to utilize Fortinet’s devices for securing networks. Throughout the course, participants will learn essential skills such as configuring, maintaining, and handling Fortinet’s security solutions to ensure network security. The course will cover various topics including firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, antivirus tools, and more. In today’s digital age, cybersecurity is of utmost importance for everyone. There is a great demand for professionals who excel in the field of network security, as companies strive to maintain flawless security for their networks. Counseltrain offers training that equips candidates with the skills to configure and manage network security using Fortinet’s security solutions.

Advantages of Enrolling in the Fortinet Security Course:

There are numerous advantages and benefits of doing this course from Counseltrain.

Improved Expertise: The Fortinet network security course serves as a means to elevate a candidate’s skill set. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will gain the ability to proficiently manage Fortinet security solutions, constructing an airtight and resilient security system that minimizes vulnerability to potential attackers. Given the rapid evolution of technology, the demand for upgraded security solutions remains constant. This course is meticulously structured to empower candidates to enhance their capabilities, enabling them to craft a robust security framework devoid of any weaknesses, consequently fortifying the realm of cybersecurity.

Validation of Competence: Undertaking this course will inherently authenticate a participant’s proficiency in handling the intricacies of cybersecurity. The program finely hones candidates’ aptitude for professionally managing network security. Equipped with adeptness in wielding security tools and implementing techniques, participants will adeptly safeguard cybersecurity. As a consequence, completing this course will elevate an individual’s credibility as a Fortinet security expert—someone highly skilled in leveraging Fortinet’s devices and solutions to safeguard digital landscapes.

Expanded Career Avenues: The acquisition of additional skills directly translates to an augmentation of potential career prospects. This course emerges as a valuable asset in uncovering fresh employment opportunities and subsequently boosting earning potential. Enterprises consistently express a vested interest in onboarding adept, certified, and proficient individuals capable of bolstering their network security posture. Given that cybersecurity stands as an indispensable facet within the realm of IT, this course acts as a gateway to uncharted realms of progress and advancement.

Fortinet NSE 4 Network Security Expert Course in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia​

Nestled within the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, Riyadh stands as the capital and largest city of Saudi Arabia, embodying a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity. The city’s skyline is graced by contemporary skyscrapers, including the iconic Kingdom Centre Tower, which pierces the sky at over 300 meters. Yet, Riyadh’s historical roots are palpable in the mud-brick buildings of the Al-Diriyah district, the city’s original nucleus and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Imposing landmarks like the Masmak Fortress and the King Abdulaziz Historical Center offer glimpses into the nation’s storied past, while vibrant markets like Souq Al Zal lend an air of authenticity with their aromatic spices, textiles, and handicrafts. Riyadh is not only the political and economic hub of Saudi Arabia but also a cultural crossroads that invites exploration into the kingdom’s rich heritage and its journey into the future.

CounselTrain proudly presents the “Fortinet NSE 4 Network Security Expert Course” in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, an opportunity for professionals to elevate their network security prowess. Originating from Dubai, UAE, this comprehensive training equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in network security practices, leveraging the acclaimed Fortinet NSE 4 certification.

Schedule Dates

NSE 4: Fortinet Network Security Expert Training In Riyadh
29 April 2024 - 01 May 2024
NSE 4: Fortinet Network Security Expert Training In Riyadh
29 July 2024 - 31 July 2024
NSE 4: Fortinet Network Security Expert Training In Riyadh
29 October 2024 - 31 October 2024
NSE 4: Fortinet Network Security Expert Training In Riyadh
29 January 2025 - 31 January 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction and Initial Configuration
  • Firewall Policies
  • Network Address Translation
  • Firewall Authentication
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Certificate Operations
  • Web Filtering
  • Application Control
  • Antivirus
  • Intrusion Prevention and Denial of Service
  • Security Fabric

  • Deploy the appropriate operation mode for your network
  • Use the GUI and CLI for administration
  • Control network access to configured networks using firewall policies
  • Apply port forwarding, source NAT, and destination NAT
  • Authenticate users using firewall policies
  • Understand encryption functions and certificates
  • Inspect SSL/TLS-secured traffic to prevent encryption used to bypass security policies
  • Configure security profiles to neutralize threats and misuse, including viruses, torrents, and inappropriate websites
  • Apply application control techniques to monitor and control network applications that might use standard or non-standard protocols and ports
  • Fight hacking and denial of service (DoS)
  • Collect and interpret log entries
  • Identify the characteristics of the Fortinet Security Fabric


The prerequisites for taking the Fortigate NSE4 Security course are:
A basic understanding of networking concepts
A working knowledge of TCP/IP
A willingness to learn new technologies

The course content for the Fortigate NSE4 Security course includes:
Network security fundamentals
FortiGate firewall architecture
FortiGate firewall configuration
FortiGate firewall policies
FortiGate firewall logging and reporting

The Fortigate NSE4 Security course is delivered through a combination of lectures, hands-on labs, and assessments. The lectures will cover the fundamental concepts of network security and the specific features and functionality of FortiGate firewalls. The hands-on labs will give students the opportunity to practice configuring and managing FortiGate firewalls. The assessments will measure students’ understanding of the material covered in the course.

The benefits of taking the Fortigate NSE4 Security course include:
Learning from experienced instructors
Gaining hands-on experience with FortiGate firewalls
Earning a Fortinet certification
Improving your network security skills

A: NSE4 is far from the industry leader in network security devices, but that only means that network security technicians who know how to use FortiGate devices are in special demand. The NSE 4 is a Fortinet certification that validates your familiarity with installing and managing devices for day-to-day operation.

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