MB-330T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Course in Jubail

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (MB-330T00) Course in Jubail

Another valuable course Supply Chain Management MB-330t00 course in Jubail offered by Counseltrain, is designed to eventually equip participants to be adept in managing the flow of goods. In simple words, supply chain management is the whole process that starts from manufacturing the goods from raw materials to the final end product. Supply chain management is a vast field involving seven main functional areas: Purchasing, Manufacturing, Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Warehousing, Transportation, and Customer Service. This course covers all these topics briefly to give a better idea about the whole supply chain management process. It will briefly provide definitions of all the processes and an idea of how each step works and how the entire process flows. This course will specifically teach you how to collaborate with the workers at each step from manufacturing to supply demands communication to have the best end product.

This course will provide all the mandatory information regarding supply chain management and it will make sure that the candidates are capable enough to work in this field confidently by the end of this course.

The main objective of this course is to train the participants and professionals who have little or no background in supply chain management. This course will make you familiar with all the tools and techniques used in this process to improve your performance and make you compatible with other industry professionals working in a similar field.

Microsoft Supply Chain Management MB-330T00-A Course Benefits 

The supply chain management course has countless benefits for the individuals who are taking this course and on the whole for organizations who get benefited from this systematic approach. Candidates who enroll in this course will get a better understanding of the principles of supply chain management. They can confidently work in any organization and boost their performance. They can predict the risks and take precautionary measures beforehand to make sure the process runs smoothly. The improved skillset ultimately enhances the chances of an individual to grow in their career, grab more workable opportunities and make their network more reliable. This course will sharpen the problem-solving skills of the candidates to tackle real-life challenges in the supply chain process professionally.  Organizations also get benefitted by hiring candidates who earn this certification. Counsletrain offers this course with all the perks, they will teach you the whole process in such an interactive way that it will help you to boost your career. So take this course, strengthen your skillset in this field and step forward in the corporate ladder.

Supply Chain Management Course Training Options

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Training in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

Jubail, known as Al-Jubayl or Jubail Industrial City, stands as a prominent port city on the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia along the Persian Gulf. Positioned to the north of Dhahran and near the King Abdulaziz Naval Base, this city recorded a population of 684,531 according to a 2021 survey. Its fame primarily emanates from its industrial character, notably housing SABIC, the UAE’s largest petrochemical company and the world’s fourth-largest.

Beyond its industrial and cultural significance, Jubail boasts a distinguished knowledge and creativity centre. Tailored activities within this centre cater to children and individuals with diverse interests. The city’s reputation is further elevated by its exceptional residential offerings, renowned as some of the finest globally. This attribute entices individuals from across the world to consider Jubail their home, drawn not only by the quality of life but also the superior healthcare and educational provisions.

Jubail’s captivating coastal expanse adds to its allure, attracting global tourists and substantially contributing to Saudi Arabia’s economy through tourism revenues.

Given its pivotal economic role, Jubail presents a promising horizon for individuals equipped with valuable certifications. Enrolling in Counseltrain’s Supply Chain Management MB-330t00 course positions you for a prosperous career trajectory.

Target audiences

  • This comprehensive training course is designed to help individuals who drive the flow of materiel from the supply chain to their ultimate customers and are involved in demand planning, purchasing, replenishment, and scheduling.
  • These professionals may include supply chain directors, managers, planners and other personnel whose work involves optimizing the activities along the supply chain.
  • The course is recommended for experienced Dynamics users, as it covers topics such as demand forecasting, supply chain optimization, and inventory performance.

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Dynamics-365, Microsoft

MB-330T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Course in Jubail

Dynamics-365, Microsoft

MB-330T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Course in Jubail

Dynamics-365, Microsoft

MB-330T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Course in Jubail

Dynamics-365, Microsoft

MB-330T00-A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Course in Jubail


Yes, there is a certification associated with the Supply Chain Management MB-330T00-A course. This certification exam is designed to provide the knowledge and skills of individuals in the area of Supply Chain Management using Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Exam MB-330)

The Supply Chain Management MB-330T00-A course is a Microsoft certification course that focuses on the technical aspects of supply chain management. To attend this course, there are some prerequisites that you need to meet which are to have a basic knowledge of the supply chain management concepts and processes, acquaintance with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, and an understanding of procurement and sourcing, inventory management, and sales and operations planning.

MB-330T00-A Supply Chain Management course duration may vary depending on the training provider and the specific course format. However, it typically takes around 5 days to complete this course.

This course is designed to build a knowledge base on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. This course covers the key skills needed to be a Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management functional consultant including product information and how to set up, create and manage products and inventory.


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