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Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt


The Lean Six Sigma methodology uses innovative continuous improvement approaches to help an organization maintain its competitive position in a rapidly changing business environment and strive for organizational excellence. It relies on collaborative team efforts to improve performance by systematically removing waste, reducing variation, and implementing creative solutions.

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Module 1: Understanding Lean 6 Sigma Advanced Roles 

  • Role of a Black Belt
    • Black Belts’ Place in Business
    • Black Belt Skill Set
    • How Belts Work Together
    • Black Belt Major Areas of Responsibility
  • Role of a Master Black Belt
    • How Industry Identifies Master Black Belts
  • Board Level Champion 
    • Role of Board Level Champion
    • Embedded Champion Network      
    • Champions Based on Org Chart
    • Champions Based on Separate Structure

Module 2: Leadership 

  • Whom do You Lead? 
  • Leadership Styles
  • Goals of Lean 6 Sigma Leaders
  • Gemba
  • Genchi Genbutsu
  • Working With Gemba
  • Principles of Lean Leadership 
  • Key Leadership Behaviours 
  • Leadership and ECOC

Module 3: Formal 5Ys 

  • Examples of 5Ys
  • Proportional Response
    • Example of Proportional Response
  • 5Y Workshop and Champion
  • Black Belt Perspective

Module 4: TPS, Toyota Way, and 4Ps 

  • Introduction to Toyota Way
    • Background
    • Suppliers
    • Holistic approach
  • 3Mu’s
  • 8 Classical forms of Muda (1, 2, and 3)
  • Mura and Muri
  • Hoshin Kanri Cycle
  • Tailoring Principles
  • How 4Ps and Principles Work Together

Module 5: Visualising and Controlling Processes Through Kanban 

  • WIP: An Office Definition
  • Why is WIP Bad?
  • Resource Utilisation or Flow Optimisation
  • Theory Of Constraints (TOC)
    • Benefits of Implementing TOC
    • Shortfalls or Criticisms of TOC
    • 5 Focusing steps of TOC
  • Lean Accounting
  • Kanban in Office
  • Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD)
  • Kamishibai Boards

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Module 6: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) 

  • BB Interest
  • Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
    • TPM – Goals
    • TPM is Needed
    • Why Should an Organisation Embrace TPM?
  • Designing for Resilience
  • Resilience Techniques
  • Six-Step Implementation Framework
  • TPM: Establish Infrastructure

Module 7: Understanding Kaizen

  • What is Kaizen?
  • Kaizen as a Philosophy
  • Kaizen as an Improvement Methodology
  • Kaizen ISFs
  • Typical Kaizen Tools

Module 8: Kaizen Events: Preparation 

  • Preparation Overview 
  • Setting Up Team 
  • Understanding Process 

Module 9: Kaizen Events: Pre-kaizen 

  • Pre-Kaizen Overview 
  • Kick-Off Meeting

Module 10: Kaizen Events: Implementation 

  • Implementation Overview
  • Possible Implementation Schedule
  • Responsibilities During Implementation
    • Sponsors
    • Champions
    • Facilitators
    • Team Leader
    • Tactical Teams
  • Daily Review Meeting
  • Tactical Teams Responsibilities to Daily Review
  • Typical Daily Review Agenda

Module 11: Kaizen Events: Follow-Up 

  • Follow-Up Overview
  • 30-Day Plan
  • Checklist
  • 30-Day Review
  • Typical 30-Day Review Agenda

Module 12: Effective Meeting Management 

  • 30-Day Review Agenda
  • What are Meetings Trying to Achieve?
  • Prerequisites for Effective Meetings
  • Major Activities
  • Meeting Member’s Approach

Module 13: Making a Case for Lean 6 Sigma 

  • Cost of Quality (COQ) 
  • Financial Benefits of a High Process Sigma 
  • Maximising Intangible Resources 
  • Other Benefits of a Lean 6 Sigma Culture 
  • Business Case for Lean 6 Sigma

Module 14: Dynamics of Change 

  • Core Principle
  • Waste is Everywhere
  • Business Models 
  • Evaluating Business Maturity
    • Getting started
    • Lean 6 Sigma Maturity Levels
    • Capability and Health Check
  • Combating Resistance

Module 15: Strategy for Black Belts

  • What is Business Strategy?
  • What is Strategic Management?
  • Key Stakeholders 
  • Value Propositions
  • Michael Porters “Generic Strategies”
  • Treacy and Wiersema’s Value Propositions
  • Cost Leadership/Operational Excellence
  • Capabilities and Core Competencies
  • Enabling Resources
  • Communicating Strategy
  • Goals and Core Values

Module 16: Developing a Lean Thinking culture 

  • Developing L6S Culture
  • Ideal Lean Organisation
  • Clear Goals and Transparency
  • Carrying Out a Business Review
  • Possible Approaches
  • Cluster Option
  • Changing Culture by Inserting Wedges
  • Pathfinder Groups
  • Initial Skill Transfer
  • Sustaining L6S Culture
  • Hothouse ISFs

Module 17: Lean Start-up 

  • Introduction 
  • Models of Growth 
  • Strategy in a Lean Start-up 
  • Validated Learning and Innovation Accounting 
  • Testing Techniques 
  • Pivots

Module 18: Controlling Projects and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) 

  • Elements of Project Management 
  • Popular Methodologies 
  • Some Common Tools

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The Master Black Belt training course is intended for holders of the Black Belt certification who wish to build on their existing Lean Six Sigma knowledge.

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    The Instructor was really impressive. Clear cut explanation of every topic he covered with real time scenarios.

    Sher Afzal Khan Cloud Engineer, Cloud 9 Networks

    The Trainer and the Course Material, both are good. Good flow of explanation with simple examples. The complete training was focused on current industry challenges.

    Jawed Ahmad Siddiqui Sr. System Administrator, Saudi Ceramics

    The Trainer’s presentation was impressed me to continue the course till end. Never feel bore till the entire sessions. She studied our mindset and follows.

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