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Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Course in Dubai


A certified data management program is recognized at the world level and specifically designed for those responsible for managing data in any organization. Data is an important entity which has to be dealt with care. Data is of different kinds, some are of public use but other is confidential and it is not supposed to be accessed by everyone. Handling, tracking and keeping a record of data is a challenging task, it requires a strategic approach and particular tools and software to maintain it. Data management on the whole is a complete mechanism of handling and optimizing data for future use. Keeping track of all the data, removing unusable data on time and retaining the valuable data only are all included in data management. Companies particularly hire skilled people to handle data of their organization diligently and efficiently. These folks who are dextrous and possess certification in handling and optimizing the data are known as certified data managers and the course they passed to earn this position is called the certified data management CDMP course.

A Certified data management course is for the managers and employees who are assigned to manage the data of a company. This certification is internationally recognized and run by an international organization called DAMA(Data Management Association).

Data management has levels known as

Operational Data Management: Operational data as the name indicates is the data which has to be regulated daily like data entry, processing and data storage.

Tactical Data Management: This management involves tasks such as data analysis

Why Data Management Certification?

Data management certification is to validate the person’s knowledge of data management. The Certified data management program (CDMP) is run by DAMA, a non-profitable organization which offers this certification to check the capabilities of students regarding data management.  Data management certification is crucial to handle the data department in any company regardless of its size. The CDMP program is designed to cover a wide range of topics like data modelling, data governance, data quality, data architecture and data integration. Data management certification will help the hiring authorities to that you have a strong skill set through which you can upgrade your business.

Different Levels Of CDMP:

This program has different levels of certification depending upon the capability level of an aspirant. These levels are mentioned below

  • Data Management Fundamentals (DMF The core exam is called Data Management Fundamentals which is necessary to pass the candidates with a percentage of 60).

After the data management fundamentals, DAMA also offers 4 special certifications. To enrol in these certifications candidates must have to earn the fundamental certification. The other four specialized certifications are as follows.

  • CDMP Associate: The pre-requisite to enrol in the CDMP associate course is to have 6 months to 5 years of industry experience. Must have cleared the data management fundamentals exam with a 60% or above percentage.

  • CDMP Practitioner: The aspirant must have a minimum of 2 years and a maximum of 10 years of industry experience to enrol in this course. They must have passed the data management fundamentals course and two more specialized courses with at least 70% weightage to appear in this course.

  • CDMP Master: The candidate must have 10 years of industry experience to enrol in this course, and must have passed the data management fundamentals and two more specialized courses with a minimum 80% weightage.

CDMP Fellow: The candidate must have 25 years plus industry experience and should be a CDMP master. Fellows are invited to the DAMA body of knowledge through nominations.

Data Management CDMP Course Training Options

Online Instructor Led


Classroom Training

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Onsite Training

Overseas Training

Certified Data Management (CDMP) Training Course Information

Data management, data architecture and data governance (DAMA-DMBOK part I)

  • Data management: relation with DAMA-DMBOK and the role of data governance
  • Introduction of knowledge areas
  • Data architecture: business, functional and technical and the relation with enterprise and application architecture
  • Data architecture in relation with big data, data lakes, Data Warehouses (DWH), data virtualization and analytics/data science
  • Positioning, coherence and added value of the business and IT
  • Examples, use cases, demo
  • Multiple workshops

Metadata, reference and master data, Data Warehousing (DWH) and Business Intelligence (BI) (DAMA-DMBOK part 2)

  • The new role of data: 'data as an asset'
  • Action plans for implementation based on context diagrams
  • DMBOK as framework: backgrounds
  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of knowledge areas metadata, reference & master data, Data Warehousing (DWH) & Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Multiple workshops

Data modelling and design, data quality, data integration, storage, security (DAMA-DMBOK part 3)

  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of data modelling and design, data quality, data integration, storage, security
  • Multiple workshops

Documents and content management, big data and data science, data privacy and ethics, Data Management Maturity Model (DIY) (DAMA DMBOK part 4)

  • Introduction and in-depth discussion of documents and content management, big data and data science, data privacy and ethics
  • Multiple workshops
  • Introduction and application of the DAMA Data Management Maturity Model
  • CDMP exam preparation

Audience Profile

The CDMP credential is a must for Chief Data Officers (CDO's), CIO's, data governance managers, data quality managers, data scientists, data architects, data specialists, data engineers, data administrators, data analysts, data modelers, database administrators, DWH analysts, Business Intelligence (BI) professionals, information, application and solutions architects, project/program managers, business analysts, Data Protection Officers (DPO's) and many other data professionals.

Q1: What does CDMP stand for?

  A:  CDMP stands for certified data management professional

 Q2: What is CDMP certification?

 A:   This is a specific certification abbreviated as “certified data management professional(CDMP)” designed for professionals who have a key role in handling and optimising data in any organisation.

Q3: What is DAMA?

A: DAMA is abbreviated as “Data management association” formerly known as “Data administration management association”.This is an international non-profitable organisation that is a gateway to education, certification and career enhancement in the field of data management.

 Q4: Who can do this certification?

 A:  This is a specialised and complex course which requires at least 2 to 10 years of industry experience.

 Q5: What is the role of a certified data manager In an industry?

 A: Certified data manager has a significant position in any company responsible for handling and navigating confidential data. The data manager ensures that all the data is developed, sorted and critically analysed promptly.

 Q6: What are the levels of CDMP?

 A: There are four levels of CDMP except for the basic one which is known as Fundamentals of data management. The other four levels are specialised certificates which can be done by clearing the fundamental course with at least 70% weightage and 10 years of industry experience.

Q7: What are the advantages of CDMP?

 A: CDMP makes you stand out from hundreds of other aspirants who are looking for the data manager's key post. This certification validates your skills that you are dextrous and have in-depth knowledge of data management and can bring value to the business through your expertise.

Q8: What topics are covered in the CDMP course?

A: The topics covered in the CDMP course vary according to their level(e.g. Associate, Practitioner, master and fellow). There is a variety of topics covered in this course we can narrate them in general here. Data governance(in this module data management definition, curation, analysis of data and sorting of data is included.) Data architecture (Design, modelling, integration and virtualization of data is included in this module) Data Management( data handling, sorting, storage and retrieval of data is taught in this module) Data Operations (Data maintenance, recovery and backup are studied thoroughly in this module)Data ethics (how to handle data ethically and shared only with the authentic authorities is taught in this phase) and Professional Development (In this module professional networking and development is discussed).

Q9: Which industries give value to the CDMP certification?

  A: All businesses and companies no matter whether they are big or small give value to certified data management professionals to keep their data organised and available at any point for work.

 Q10: How can I find the CDMP training institutes in UAE?

  A: CounselTrain is the unmatchable option to get certified in CDMP courses. They have their presence in four famous emirates of the UAE Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman.

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Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Course in Dubai, UAE

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A Certified Data Management professional certificate is the best option as qualified data managers are in high demand. Consider earning this certificate if you wish for a handsome designation with a lavish salary.

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