Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate Course In Sharjah

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Course Overview

AZ-104T00-A Microsoft Azure Administrator Course in Sharjah

To manage execute, follow, and monitor identity, you must take the Microsoft Azure Administrator training in Sharjah as a prerequisite. The training at Counseltrain Technologies in Sharjah will help you prepare for the Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104T00-A) exam, so you can become an IT Professional who will be responsible for managing Azure subscriptions.

An Az-104T00 course is specially designed by Information Technology professionals for the management of their Azure subscriptions. By securing identities, administering the infrastructure, and setting up virtual networking, they are able to ensure that communications are secure. Connecting the Azure platform and local sites, controlling the network traffic, utilizing storage solutions, creating and scaling virtual machines, and executing web apps, and containers are a few of the outsourced tasks handled by a cloud computing company. Additionally, the data objects are backed up together and monitored continuously. This “2 Days Azure Administrator (Az 104T00)” course will explain to you the concepts of Azure virtualization, including virtual machines, virtual networking, virtual hard disks, network configuration, including TCP IP, DNS, VPNs, firewalls, and encryption technologies. The Active Directory concepts include users, groups, and access control. This course will let you know about flexibility and disaster restoration, including backup and restore operations. The AZ-104 exam will prepare you for the Microsoft Certification of Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104T00-A at the end of it.

Microsoft Azure Certification Training in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Sharjah has grown at an exponential rate in recent decades. Being the third largest megacity in the UAE, with a frugality grounded primarily on the real estate sector, Sharjah is an instigative business center not only for the GCC but also for foreign investment. To keep up with the elaboration of this emirate and its capital megacity, consider taking a certification in Sharjah.

Schedule Dates

Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate Course In Sharjah
08 April 2024 - 11 April 2024
Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate Course In Sharjah
08 July 2024 - 11 July 2024
Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate Course In Sharjah
08 October 2024 - 11 October 2024
Microsoft Azure Administrator Certificate Course In Sharjah
13 January 2025 - 16 January 2025

Course Content

  • Resource Manager
  • Resource Groups
  • Azure Portal
  • Azure CLI
  • Azure Templates
  • Cloud Shell
  • Azure Marketplace
  • Azure PowerShell

  • Azure Regions
  • Virtual Networks and Subnets
  • IP Addressing
  • Network Security Groups
  • Virtual Network Peering
  • VNet-to-VNet Connections
  • ExpressRoute
  • Load Balancers
  • Network Watcher

  • Azure Virtual Machines
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • Virtual Machine Sizes
  • Virtual Machine Disks
  • Availability Zones
  • Availability Sets
  • Windows VM Connections
  • Linux VM Connections
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Alerts

  • Storage Accounts
  • Blob Storage
  • Blob Performance Tiers
  • File Shares
  • File Sync
  • Data Box
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Shared Access Signatures
  • Service Endpoints

  • Azure Domains
  • Role-based Access Control
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Azure Policy


Controlling, enabling, monitoring, storing, and computing the virtual network in the cloud works in the Microsoft Azure Administrator.

The core focus of the lecture is to manage Azure with a broad set of capabilities, such as identity and access management, storage, databases, and application platforms, and manage Azure compute resources; configure, monitor, and maintain Azure resources aswell.

The topics that will be covered in this course include Identity and Governance, Compliance with Azure Administration, Data Protection, Azure Storage, and Virtual Machines with Monitoring.

The administrators who are Azure accountable for administering, managing, monitoring, managing, planning, and architecting identity, governance, storage, computation, and virtual networks in a cloud environment.

Developing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, computing, and virtual networks in a cloud environment are the roles that are important to Azure administration. Those who have completed these tasks should take this course as part of system administrators, cloud architects, Windows administrators, and cloud professionals.

Microsoft Azure certification exams are a considerable challenge. You will require a little talent and experience to make it through. Needless to say, stability and confidence will help a great deal, and that remains true of exams as well.

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