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MS Office Courses UAE

UAE MS Office Courses

What is MS Office?

Microsoft Office, abbreviated as MS Office, is a suite of applications designed to boost the productivity of a user and help them to complete their tasks strategically with less time on the computer. This suite of applications includes MS word, PowerPoint, MS Access, Publisher and OneNote. They in general help in writing and editing texts and images, spreadsheets to keep a record of data and making elegant presentations in PowerPoint. This software was developed by Microsoft in 1988. This professional suite makes computer life more organized, simple and easier. To present the text, images numbers or presentations this set of applications provide dynamic and formulated ways. MS Office is mandatory knowledge in whatever position you are working in the IT sector. A grasp of MS office is inevitable to complete your tasks on the computer. Some of the learning outcomes of Microsoft are mentioned below.

  • Microsoft Word, the most commonly used application of MS office, allows you to write professional documents, letters and blog posts. Its interface is user-friendly with a variety of options like editing, grammar checking, alignment, highlighting, charts and graphs. You can access this application from any corner of the world. It is beneficial for professionals who work in offices and for students too to make their assignments. 
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is another amazing application which allows you to create stunning presentations. You can design them according to your need. you can make them eye-catching by adding videos, audio and animations. you can select the colour and design of your choice. It is portable once you make the presentation you can access and show it anywhere.
  • Microsoft Excel, another application within the MS Office suite, is most widely used by businessmen and accountants. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet allows you to enter the data, manage it and track it professionally without any hassle.

Countless institutes offered courses in MS Office in the UAE, and CounseTrain is one of the leading institutes that trained trainees. People love to join CounselTrain for training purposes because of its unique teaching system.

Why MS Office?

As described earlier everyone should have a sound grip on MS Office to work in the IT sector. Though it is not limited to IT specialists, it would be helpful for all the folks who want to keep a record of their data digitally. All who work in any kind of organisation or institute or school will help you to keep your office work organised and handle the administration part smoothly. MS Office professional certificate will add value to your resume and enhance the chances of your getting a lucrative job. All the work is digital so the demand for skilled workers is also increased. To run the office administration part professionally you must have beyond basic knowledge of this software. Presentations are the most common thing to present your work or proposal or any kind of idea in front of business owners, through Microsoft PowerPoint software you can make elegant and valuable presentations. You can customise the design and theme of the slides according to your wish. Microsoft Excel is mandatory for accountants or anyone who wants to organise the data to keep records.

MS Office Corporate Training Options in UAE

Online Instructor Led


Classroom Training

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Onsite Training

Overseas Training

MS Office Courses Offered in UAE

The UAE is a dreamland for so many people, a land of Arab civilization with thousands of working opportunities. This is a land which has the most elegant emirates famous for their own specialities. Countless folks and families want to settle there with a handsome source of income. The source of income comes with a bundle of skills. Unlimited skills are in demand which can benefit you in your career. One of them is the Microsoft Office certification. Almost every organisation and business need MS Office professionals to manage documents, record data in spreadsheets, make vibrant presentations and much more. This is possible by having knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite. This certification has no certain eligibility criteria. If you know how to read and write and have some basic knowledge of computers you can do this course. There are unlimited vacancies for MS Office experts. A handsome salary would be offered based on your skill level. The more expert you are the more you will get. There are unlimited options in the bustling UAE to get professionally certified in MS Office. CounselTrain in Dubai UAE offers the premier training in MS Office. Grab the opportunity to get yourself a certificate with distinction and apply for the jobs to start your career.

The advanced modules of the MS Office course are as follows

  1. Microsoft word(writing and editing of simple to complex, regular to professional documents)
  2. Microsoft Excel(Add data, record them use formulas to Microsoft
  3. PowerPoint(create vibrant presentations which present your ideas ideally with the liberty of choosing audio, videos, charts and animations)
  4. Microsoft Access(To manage and access huge of data efficiently)
  5. Microsoft Visio( you can transform the boring alphabet into visual diagrams to convey your idea)
  6. Microsoft Project( As the name itself indicates it is specifically designed to manage the projects, collaborate with the team members, can do meetings too)
  7. Microsoft Outlook(used as an email client and also function such as managing calendars, tasks, note taking) etc
  8. Microsoft OneNote(say goodbye to pen and paper and keep a record of all of your meetings, to-dos, research and any other kind of information with this digital note-taking app).
  9. Microsoft Sway( This is the best option to create a digital portfolio of yours)

If you get command of this whole Microsoft Software it will definitely distinguish your resume from others and increase the chances of you getting hired at some prestigious position with a lavish salary.


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