Primavera P6 (Project Management) Course in Abu Dhabi

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Primavera P6 Course In Abu Dhabi

Oracle Primavera p6 course illustrates how professionally this software manages the projects to get better results. This course is popular in the business community and in the field of IT which has to control, manage and deliver projects on time with all the necessary details. Through this course the participants will master the art of planning and scheduling projects, allocating resources carefully and monitoring the spending of money to refrain from money breakdown. 

The modules included in this course are as follows:

  • Basic introduction of the project and how to manage it 
    Introduction to primavera software which will eventually be used to handle the project Introduction to the dashboard of a tool
     How to create a project Breakdown all the needed work 
    All the activities that have to be performed are created along with the calenders 
    How to schedule a project 
    How to assign the roles and responsibilities to individuals 
    How many resources are present and how to allocate them 
    Analyze the project Track the performance of a project 
    Generate reports on the performance of a project 
    Document every tiny detail and tackle all the issues 

Students will also learn how to run small and large-scale projects by cutting down the costs and minimizing the risk of breakdown. This course is a great choice for all managers, students, or individuals who loves to handle projects strategically. Be a master in this software and make yourself worth able for all the companies out there who want Primavera experts. To get the training in Sharjah CounselTrain is a good option. By getting training from them you will be dextrous in using p6 software.

Primavera P6 (Project Management) Training Course in Abu Dhabi, UAE

A deserted land which now becomes a global business hub for folks around the globe. If somebody wants to have a safe luxurious life and wants to do business and enrolled kids in renowned institutes then Abu Dhabi is the single solution for all dreams. By contributing 60% of the UAE economy Abu Dhabi has a strong economic position. Abu Dhabi ranked 9Th globally and 2nd regionally in the economic performance index of the IMD world competitiveness yearbook(2020). Abu Dhabi is also home to the world’s first artificial intelligence university known as The Mohammad Bin Zayed University Of Artificial Intelligence(MBZUAI). Abu Dhabi has many tags like its the safest city in the world, standing at second position in providing quality of life, have the 9th largest port in the world. Doing a business or acquiring a job in Abu Dhabi is too smooth there are free registration and licence fees for businessmen and freelancers for two years. Abu Dhabi is an ideal arch to the Middle East, South Africa and Asia presenting world-class infrastructure with simple and smooth access to regional and global markets.

So, to get a primavera p6 certification in Abu Dhabi perhaps would be the best decision of your life, which will eventually open the doors of fortune for you.

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Primavera P6 (Project Management) Course in Abu Dhabi


Primavera P6 (Project Management) Course in Abu Dhabi


Primavera P6 (Project Management) Course in Abu Dhabi


Primavera P6 (Project Management) Course in Abu Dhabi

The prerequisites to attend this course are having knowledge of project management principles and processes, familiarity with project scheduling, resource allocation, and cost control processes, ability to create and manage critical paths and network diagrams, understanding of project objectives, deliverables, and timelines, experience in financial analysis, budgeting, and cost management, using Microsoft Office, including Excel, knowledge of Primavera P6 software, ability to manage multiple projects and prioritize tasks, familiarity with resource management and allocation and understanding of risk management principles and techniques.

The duration of the Primavera P6 Project Management course varies depending on the provider. Some courses offer a 30-hour online course that can be completed in as little as 2 weeks, while others offer a longer course that can take up to 4 months to complete.

Yes, Primavera P6 Project Management is a highly in-demand course. Companies in the construction, engineering, and energy industries are increasingly relying on Primavera P6 to manage their projects. The course provides the skills and knowledge needed to effectively use Primavera P6 for project management, which is an invaluable asset for employers.

Primavera P6 Project Management is a powerful and complex software tool, so it can be difficult to learn. However, with the right resources and dedication, it is possible to learn the basics of the Primavera P6. There are many online courses and tutorials to help you learn the basics and master the Primavera P6.


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