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Project Management Courses in UAE

UAE Project Management (PMP)Certifications

United Arab Emirates (UAE) is considered as a global business hub due to the fact that the majority of the top companies of the world are based here. 90% of the leading industries and organizations have their executive offices in UAE. The business sector is growing rapidly in UAE and numerous new projects are being introduced throughout the country. This continuous growth of the business sector and effective execution of new projects demand qualified and competitive project managers with proven skills and abilities. Project Management Certifications in UAE have been designed to provide an opportunity to such professionals who want to polish their existing skills and to learn new ones so that they can prove themselves to be competitive enough for effective project management. These Project Management Courses in UAE pave the way for an individual to excel in his career of project management and open doors to numerous opportunities by making him among the best in the field. These certifications not only increase one’s capacity to work on the highest levels but also make him capable enough to effectively manage the issues that may arise during project management. 

Through these courses, he can learn how to plan, schedule, monitor and execute a new project effectively. With these certifications, one gets an opportunity to work with highly competent and experienced professionals, hence strengthening one’s network which results in increased chances to get better jobs and roles in future. Working with such experienced professionals also increases and polishes the skills of an individual. Moreover, project managers who have Project Management certifications are paid more than those who don’t hold these certifications as the companies are willing to spend extra money in order to acquire trained and certified professionals for their projects. Surveys suggest that individuals having Project Management certifications in UAE are most likely to get a staggering 20% increase in their salaries. Any person having a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent, along with 4 years of experience in project management can get Project Management certifications in UAE. 

Project Management Corporate Training Options in UAE

Online Instructor Led


Classroom Training

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Onsite Training

Overseas Training

Project Management Courses Offered in UAE

The Project Management Courses in UAE have numerous benefits not only for management professionals but also for business companies. These certifications validate the set of skills and abilities of an individual by which the employers get assured that he is a best fit for the role. To ensure their growth and success, companies tend to hire individuals with suitable qualifications and training, that’s why they prefer to hire individuals having Project Management certifications in order to gain a competitive advantage. The scope of these certifications is not limited only to UAE but they are recognized all over the world. It means that an individual having these certifications can get highly-paid roles all around the globe. It is estimated that employers are going to need around 17 million certified project management professionals by 2030. 

These reputed Project Management certifications in UAE are beneficial for almost all kinds of organizations including business,
Information Technology (IT), health, tourism etc. Wherever these projects are flourishing, there will be a need for certified project managers. Although passing the exam of the Project Management course requires real hard work and study hours, yet it is still worth all the efforts, hard work, investment and time to get project Management Certifications in UAE.



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