Onsite Training!

  1. Get customized training solutions that come to your doorstep.
  2. Onsite training that fits your schedule and your needs.
  3. Learn in your own environment for maximum impact.
  4. Experience onsite training that delivers real results.
  5. Onsite training that empowers your team to achieve more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions.

    Online Instructor-Led Training: This type of training allows you to take the training live or online by top Instructors and practitioners across the globe.

    Classroom Training: Receive all of the advantages of classroom training, but the Venue will be ideally located and easy to access with covid-19 SOP’s.

    Onsite Training: This training will be conducted at the work location you desired.

    Overseas Training: For this training, you can travel to any desired location for your training.

    Counseltrain Technologies provides discounts for some companies under certain circumstances. We do offer special promotions that might apply but before that, you need to discuss the discounts that your company may be eligible to receive.

    Click on the desired course you wish to take and fill in the inquiry form. You will be contacted for payment details. Telephone: Call our representatives at +971 4 385 4500​ Email: Send an email to learning@counseltrain.com  and we will contact you to assist you with your enrollment.

    If you would like to cancel your registration, please send a request via e-mail to learning@counseltrain.com, or for more information, please visit https://counseltrain.com/.

    You can reschedule your registration up to 14 business days before the scheduled start date without being penalized. For more information, please visit https://counseltrain.com/

    Courses can be held at your convenience from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m (the time zone is identified at enrollment time). Your confirmation letter will have your specific class time listed. Some courses may have longer days. The longer hours are identified in the course description and will be communicated via your confirmation email.

    Most courses now offer kits. Hard copy materials are available for some courses upon request. To access your kit please visit our site.

    Yes, the site is secure by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Technology. SSL technology enables the encryption of sensitive information during online transactions. We use the highest assurance SSL/TLS certificate, which ensures that no unauthorized person can get to your sensitive payment data over the web.

    Of course, don’t worry. We use the best standards in Internet security so any data retained is not shared with third parties.

    No, you can not cancel it, but you can email us to discuss why you want to cancel so we will look into that. 

    After you submit your payment, you will the payment confirmation email. It contains your payment confirmation message after your transaction is submitted.

    You can add the certificate of the course to your LinkedIn profile. The certificate contains all the details of your certificate.

    You will receive a confirmation letter after you enroll in the certification class that will include the specific address of the training center where your course will be held. Also, you can find a map and a list of addresses for all of our training centers.