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CQA: Certified Quality Auditor Training - Saudi Arabia

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Course Overview

The ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) course is designed to help students enhance their knowledge of quality auditing. It is a rigorous course that is designed to teach and assess the ability of quality auditors to lead and conduct highly effective audits. The course focuses on topics such as the fundamental concepts of auditing and quality management, principles of internal and external audit, auditing processes and tools, principles, and practice of root cause analysis, communication and people skills, and other related topics. Students who complete this course will gain the essential knowledge and skills necessary to become successful auditors and work with confidence to improve the processes in their organizations.

Key Features Of CQA Training Course

  • Covers all aspects of quality auditing to prepare candidates for the CQA exam.
  • Learn from experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in quality management and auditing.
  • Engage in hands-on activities and case studies to apply auditing concepts in real-world scenarios.
  • Receive guidance and resources to prepare effectively for the CQA certification exam.
  • Gain insights into industry standards and best practices in quality auditing.
  • Choose from various study formats to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules.
  • Obtain a globally recognized certification that enhances career opportunities in quality management.
  • Access to additional resources and support throughout the training process to ensure success.

Why Choose CounselTrain for Certified Quality Auditor Certification in Saudi Arabia?

When considering Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) certification in Saudi Arabia, CounselTrain emerges as the premier choice for several compelling reasons. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to equip candidates with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in quality auditing. With experienced instructors who possess extensive expertise in quality management and auditing, participants benefit from invaluable insights and guidance throughout their training journey. Our emphasis on practical exercises and real-world case studies ensures that candidates can apply auditing concepts effectively in their professional roles. By choosing CounselTrain for CQA certification, candidates not only receive top-notch training but also gain access to resources and support to prepare thoroughly for the certification exam.

Target Audiance

  • The target audience for ASQ Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) training are individuals from various occupation segments, such as quality assurance, quality control, and quality improvement.
  • Professionals from industries like food and beverage, manufacturing, engineering, biotechnology, and health care can also benefit from this training program.
  • Anyone who reviews, evaluates, or audits the processes or quality system in their organization and wants to develop a comprehensive understanding of principles and techniques of auditing, can opt for this training program.
  • Additionally, professionals working in government or military organizations, who are involved in conducting audits, can also attend this program.

Schedule Dates

Certified Quality Auditor – CQA
19 June 2024 - 21 June 2024
Certified Quality Auditor – CQA
23 September 2024 - 25 September 2024
Certified Quality Auditor – CQA
23 December 2024 - 25 December 2024
Certified Quality Auditor – CQA
24 March 2025 - 26 March 2025

Course Content

  • Types of quality audits
  • Purpose and scope of audits
  • Criteria to audit against
  • Roles and responsibilities of audit participants
  • Professional conduct and consequences for auditors

  • Audit preparation and planning
  • Audit performance
  • Audit reporting
  • Audit follow-up and closure

  • Auditor Characteristics
  • On-site audit resource management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication and presentation techniques
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Team Dynamics

  • Audit Program Management
  • Business and financial impact

  • Basic quality and problem-solving tools
  • Process improvement techniques
  • Basic statistics
  • Process variation
  • Sampling methods
  • Change control and configuration management

  • Verification and validation

  • Risk management tools

Certified Quality Auditor Course In Saudi Arabia

The Certified Quality Auditor (CQA) Course in Saudi Arabia holds immense significance in today’s competitive business landscape. This comprehensive training program equips professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct effective quality audits across various industries. In a region known for its emphasis on quality and excellence, CQA certification provides individuals with a competitive edge in the job market. By mastering auditing techniques, candidates can ensure compliance with quality standards, identify areas for improvement, and drive organizational excellence. CQA certification is globally recognized, opening doors to career advancement opportunities both locally and internationally. In a world where quality is paramount to success, investing in CQA training and certification is a strategic decision for professionals aspiring to make meaningful contributions to their organizations’ success in Saudi Arabia and beyond.


The ASQ CQA certification is a professional designation offered by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) for individuals who demonstrate expertise in auditing quality systems.

Achieving the CQA certification validates your skills and knowledge in quality auditing, enhancing your credibility and career prospects in the field of quality management.

ASQ provides various resources for exam preparation, including study guides, sample questions, and recommended reading materials. Additionally, enrolling in a CQA preparation course or workshop can be beneficial.

Yes, the CQA certification is recognized globally, and holding this certification demonstrates your commitment to quality auditing standards and practices on an international level.

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