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GitHub Copilot Fundamentals

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Course Overview

GitHub Copilot functions as an AI-driven code companion, empowering developers to streamline their coding process. At its core, GitHub Copilot excels in offering code completion suggestions, learning from developers’ coding patterns, and minimizing error occurrences. Remarkably, it can even generate code for unfamiliar functions. Across industries, GitHub Copilot proves invaluable for optimizing software development workflows, slashing debugging efforts, and boosting productivity. Its seamless integration with diverse code editors and languages renders it an adaptable asset for developers. Obtaining certification signals mastery of these features and their practical implementation.

Why Should You Learn GitHub Copilot Fundamentals?

Learning the GitHub Copilot Fundamentals course offers numerous benefits including a thorough understanding of how to navigate the tool, and improve coding efficiency by auto-generating code. It also helps with quick debugging, learning the best practices, and enhancing problem-solving skills, ultimately saving time and boosting productivity.

Course Prerequisites

РBasic understanding of programming concepts РKnowledge of version control systems
– Familiarity with the GitHub platform and its features
– Experience in writing and understanding code
– Installation of Visual Studio Code or similar IDE.

Target Audiance

  • Developers and software engineers interested in AI-powered programming tools. - Programming team leads searching for productivity enhancement tools for their team.
  • Computer science students or self-taught coders aiming to understand AI-assisted coding.
  • IT professionals seeking to stay updated with the latest advancements in coding technology.

Schedule Dates

GitHub Copilot Fundamentals
27 August 2024
GitHub Copilot Fundamentals
27 November 2024
GitHub Copilot Fundamentals
27 February 2025
GitHub Copilot Fundamentals
27 May 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction
  • GitHub Copilot, your AI pair programmer
  • Set up, configure, and troubleshoot GitHub Copilot
  • Exercise - Develop with AI powered code suggestions using GitHub Copilot and VS Code

  • Prompt engineering foundations and best practices
  • GitHub Copilot user prompt process flow
  • GitHub Copilot Large Language Models (LLMs)

  • About GitHub Copilot for Business
  • GitHub Copilot for Business use cases and customer stories
  • How to get started with GitHub Copilot for Business

  • Exercise - Set up GitHub Copilot to work with Visual Studio Code
  • Use GitHub Copilot with JavaScript
  • Exercise - Update a JavaScript portfolio with GitHub Copilot

  • What is GitHub Copilot
  • Use GitHub Copilot with Python
  • Exercise - Update a Python web API with GitHub Copilot

  • Prepare for challenge
  • Exercise - Add the GitHub Copilot extension
  • Exercise - Create the game logi


The GitHub Copilot Fundamentals course is suitable for developers of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals. No prior experience with GitHub Copilot is necessary.

Throughout the course, you will learn how to effectively use GitHub Copilot to generate code snippets, improve code completion, understand its learning capabilities, and integrate it seamlessly into your coding workflow.

The GitHub Copilot Fundamentals course provides instruction applicable to a wide range of programming languages and code editors. It is designed to be versatile and adaptable to various development environments.

Yes, participants who complete the course will receive a certification of completion, validating their proficiency in GitHub Copilot fundamentals.

Absolutely! Organizations can inquire about group enrollment or request customized training tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Contact our sales team for more information on group rates and custom training options.

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