Difference In Approach Through Attitude!

Counseltrain is one of its kind training service and state of art training facilitator company, the process that we follow is unique, and comprises every phase from training requirement gathering, analysis, preparation, and delivery with pre and post-assessment on skill, production, and business levels.

Mission & Vision:

To help extract the maximum potential from organizations working for our partner companies through well-planned, data-driven, and guided sessions that help them identify flaws, boost productivity, and attain quantifiable personal and professional growth.

Our Story

The need for a people-centric approach to training individuals of varying capabilities and facing unique challenges has always been either overlooked or understudied.

While working at multiple multinational companies across industries, our founders realized that a one-size-fits-all approach to training impacts employee performance, putting entire teams at stake. Furthermore, it affects the organization’s output, leading to the unavoidable loss of time and resources.

These observations, along with subsequent studying, researching, and experimenting, led to the establishment of Counseltrain.

Counseltrain, our brand, is not just an amalgamation of the words Counsel and Train. It is the embodiment of our belief that training is incomplete without proper counsel. In a strictly linguistic sense, counsel means formal advice but for us, it is imparting practical steps toward success.

Our counsel is a considerate and compassionate approach to understanding and advising an organization on what kinds of training should be adopted for whom and to what degree. With such scientific analysis, we ensure that our clients have a higher return on investment in the form of improved team performance and eventually, Business Fulfillment.

Our trainers, in addition to having a prodigious experience in training, have worked on various technologies hands-on as part of some of the biggest multinational companies. This dual experience allows them to understand the actual challenges before drawing out the solutions for them.