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Adobe Photoshop

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Course Overview

Adobe Photoshop is the leading commercial bitmap and image manipulation software and is the flagship product of Adobe Systems. Adobe Photoshop courses in Dubai train professionals on how to effectively make use of the Photoshop workspace. This Adobe Photoshop CC training enables participants to build impactful and well-prepared design presentations in their workplace.

Demand & Opportunities

The scope of graphic design is significantly increasing as companies, from print houses and media advertising to film and television, need to enhance their digital representations. The Adobe Photoshop certification assures the necessary competency in related roles, thus making these opportunities easier to avail.

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Adobe Photoshop course in Dubai will help you to:

  • Learn the basic tools used in Adobe Photoshop to create and edit images
  • Explore Photoshop tools and palettes
  • Optimize and save images in proper file formats
  • Understand the process of professional imaging workflows
  • Develop effective graphics for the web and various business publications

What you will learn in this course

  • Graphic Designers: Professionals seeking to enhance their creative skills and master advanced Photoshop techniques.
  • Photographers: Individuals aiming to improve their photo editing and retouching capabilities.
  • Marketing Specialists: Marketers looking to create visually compelling content for campaigns and promotions.
  • Web Designers: Designers wanting to produce high-quality images and graphics for websites and digital platforms.

Schedule Dates

Adobe Photoshop
08 July 2024
Adobe Photoshop
08 October 2024
Adobe Photoshop
08 January 2025
Adobe Photoshop
08 April 2025

Course Content

  • Organize Photoshop Assets by Using Adobe Bridge
  • Organize the Photoshop Workspace
  • Customize the Photoshop Workspace

  • Manage Image Elements and Formats
  • Apply Design Principles, Elements, and Graphic Composition
  • Work with Digital Devices

  • Use Selection Tools
  • Manage Layers

  • Modify Images
  • Repair Images
  • Implement Color Management

  • Adjust Layers
  • Apply Camera Raw
  • Refine Images by Using Advanced Tools

  • Import, Export, and Organize Files
  • Save Images for the Web
  • Save Images for Print
  • Format Images for Other Programs


The duration of the Adobe Photoshop course in Dubai typically ranges from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the intensity and level of the course. Some institutes may also offer weekend or part-time classes to accommodate working professionals.

Basic computer skills are generally required to enroll in the Adobe Photoshop course. Familiarity with graphic design concepts can be beneficial but is not mandatory, as most courses start with the basics and gradually progress to more advanced techniques.

You can enroll in the Adobe Photoshop course by visiting the website of the training institute offering the course, filling out the registration form, and paying the course fee. Some institutes also allow in-person registration at their offices. Contact the institute for detailed enrollment procedures.

This depends on the training institute. Some institutes provide computers and software for use during the course, while others may require you to bring your own laptop with Adobe Photoshop installed. It’s advisable to confirm this with the institute before enrolling.

Completing an Adobe Photoshop course can significantly enhance your job prospects, especially in graphic design, digital marketing, web design, photography, and multimedia production. Many employers value proficiency in Adobe Photoshop as a key skill.

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