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Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019

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Course Overview

Our Advanced MS Office Course in Dubai is perfect for both home users and businesses. This program ensures you acquire essential skills to excel in today’s dynamic business landscape. By enrolling in this course you can stay relevant and in demand by mastering the powerful tools of Microsoft Office.

Demand & Opportunities

With Microsoft Office becoming essential for work, demand for skilled professionals is booming in Dubai. Advanced MS Office certification ensures competency, opening doors to numerous opportunities in the tech-driven job market.

Course Outcome

Successful completion of the Advanced MS Office course will help you to:

  • Master advanced features of MS Office Suite for versatile use in professional, educational, and personal settings.
  • Efficiently produce polished documents, spreadsheets, and presentations using MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Optimize productivity in an office environment by utilizing advanced functions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • Demonstrate a high level of proficiency in MS Office through adept use of its advanced features.
  • Apply advanced MS Office skills to create professional documents, enhance data analysis, and deliver impactful presentations.

Target Audiance

  • Corporate Executives: Senior managers seeking to optimize their email management and scheduling efficiency.
  • Administrative Assistants: Office support staff aiming to enhance their proficiency in handling organizational communications.
  • Sales Professionals: Sales team members looking to streamline their client interactions and follow-ups.

Schedule Dates

Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019
08 July 2024
Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019
08 October 2024
Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019
08 January 2025
Advanced Microsoft Outlook 2019
08 April 2025

Course Content

  • Create a Task
  • Print a Task
  • Update a Task
  • Search for Tasks
  • Assign a Task
  • Reply to a Task Request
  • Track Tasks
  • Change Your Task View

  • Create a Signature
  • Automatically Add a Signature to Messages
  • Modify a Signature
  • Format Outgoing Messages
  • Create and Apply a Theme

  • Search for Messages
  • Create Search Folders
  • Sort Messages
  • Add New Local Folders
  • Move Messages between Folders
  • Group Your Mailbox Items
  • Filter Messages

  • Setting Up Multiple Accounts in Outlook
  • Send Emails from Different Accounts
  • POP vs. IMAP Email Programs


There are no specific prerequisites for this course. Basic computer skills and familiarity with the Windows operating system are recommended.

Yes, participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

Yes, the course includes hands-on practice sessions where participants can apply what they have learned and create their own PowerPoint presentations.

The course is conducted at our training center located in Dubai’s central business district. Detailed location information will be provided upon registration.

Participants will receive a course handbook, access to example files, and a USB drive with practice exercises and templates.

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