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Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Training - United Arab Emirates

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Course Overview

Certified Data Management Professional Training Course in Dubai

A certified data management program is recognised at the world level and specifically designed for those responsible for managing data in any organisation. Data is an important entity which has to be dealt with care. Data is of different kinds, some are of public use but other is confidential and it is not supposed to be accessed by everyone. Handling, tracking and keeping a record of data is a challenging task, it requires a strategic approach and particular tools and software to maintain it. Data management on the whole is a complete mechanism of handling and optimising data for future use. Keeping track of all the data, removing unusable data on time and retaining the valuable data only are all included in data management. Companies particularly hire skilled people to handle data of their organisation diligently and efficiently. These folks who are dextrous and possess certification in handling and optimising the data are known as certified data managers and the course they passed to earn this position is called the certified data management CDMP course.

A Certified data management course is for the managers and employees who are assigned to manage the data of a company. This certification is internationally recognized and run by an international organisation called DAMA(Data Management Association). Data management has levels known as Operational Data Management: Operational data as the name indicates is the data which has to be regulated daily like data entry, processing and data storage. Tactical Data Management: This management involves tasks such as data analysis

Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) Course in Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a city of sky-high buildings, mesmerising architecture and bright lights. Folks urges to go to Dubai not only for its charm but due to unlimited career opportunities. People who want to see Burj Khalifa wish to visit all the ancient architectural places and the grand mosques of Dubai to witness the royal past of Muslims, hence plan to visit Dubai to fulfil their dreams. Due to the increasing rate of poverty and low economical conditions in most countries around the globe, people wish to settle in a better place like Dubai to earn a decent living and could have given their loved ones a prosperous lifestyle. To have a luxurious lifestyle one has to work hard to earn a good source of earning. For this purpose, they must have a professional degree or a certificate so they can approach some high-profile jobs. A Certified Data Management professional certificate is the best option as qualified data managers are in high demand. Consider earning this certificate if you wish for a handsome designation with a lavish salary.

Target Audiance

  • The target audience for the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) training includes individuals with a variety of skill levels, including those just beginning in the field of data management, professionals who want to increase their knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of the different roles and responsibilities of a data manager and experienced professionals looking for a comprehensive data management program.
  • Participants should have basic understanding of data management concepts and techniques and should possess technical experience in data analytics, data storage, data integration and information resource management.
  • The ideal candidate should have knowledge in areas such as Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Warehousing and Systems Analysis.

Schedule Dates

CDMP – Certified Data Management Professionals
05 August 2024 - 09 August 2024
CDMP – Certified Data Management Professionals
11 November 2024 - 15 November 2024
CDMP – Certified Data Management Professionals
17 February 2025 - 21 February 2025
CDMP – Certified Data Management Professionals
19 May 2025 - 23 May 2025

Course Content

  • 1) Introduction
  • • Understanding the DMBoK – 101
  • • Understanding the DMBoK 102
  • • Understanding the CDMP Fundamentals Exam
  • • Choosing your CDMP Study Material
  • • Understanding Honorlock Online Proctoring
  • 2) Data Management Process
  • • Why do you need Data Management anyway?
  • • Data is an Enterprise Asset
  • • Data versus Information
  • • The Environmental Factors Hexagon
  • • What DAMA wants you to know about Data Maturity
  • • The DAMA DMBoK Framework vs Enterprise Architecture Frameworks
  • • The Information Lifecycle – or Data Lifecycle
  • • Data Management Process 10 Question Quiz
  • 3) Data Governance
  • • What you need to know about Data Stewards
  • • What you need to know about Data Governance Organizational Structure
  • • What you need to know about Data Governance Operating Model Types
  • • The Information Management Lifecycle and Data Governance
  • • Data Governance 10 Question Quiz

  • 4) Data Architecture
  • • Enterprise Data Model
  • • Development Methodologies
  • 5) Data Modelling and Design
  • • Components of Data Modelling
  • • Data Modelling Schemes
  • • Normalization and Denormalization
  • 6) Data Storage and Operations

  • 7) Data Security
  • 8) Data Integration and Interoperability
  • • ETL and ELT
  • • ESB
  • 9) Document and Content Management
  • 10) Reference and Master Data

  • 11) Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • • OLTP and OLAP
  • • More info about Data Warehouses
  • • A Business Intelligence Developer Guide
  • 12) Metadata Management
  • • Electronic Data Interchange
  • • Other Metadata Types
  • • Metadata Repository

  • 13) Data Quality
  • • Data Quality Dimensions
  • • Other terms and their meaning
  • 14) Big Data and Data Science
  • 15) Data Ethics
  • 16) 100 Question Practice Exam


The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certificate course is very popular for many reasons. First, it is a globally recognized certification recognized by organizations and employers looking for professionals with data management experience. Second, it provides extensive skills and knowledge to help professionals manage data effectively, from the design and implementation of data storage systems to data analysis and reporting. Third, it is a relatively inexpensive certification course that is accessible to a wide range of professionals. Finally, the course is offered in both online and classroom formats, making it convenient and accessible to a wide range of professionals.

The Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification is valid for two years. To maintain your certification, you must pass a recertification exam every two years.

The rules for retaking the Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) certification exam are as follows: If you fail the CDMP certification exam, you may retake it within 30 days of your first attempt. Further repetitions are possible after 30 days, but the costs of the examination are at the expense of the candidate.

No, the CDMP exam does not come with multiple-choice questions. It is a hands-on, practical exam that requires you to demonstrate your knowledge of data management best practices and processes.

A: CDMP stands for certified data management professional

A: This is a specific certification abbreviated as “certified data management professional(CDMP)” designed for professionals who have a key role in handling and optimising data in any organisation.

A: This is a specialised and complex course which requires at least 2 to 10 years of industry experience.

A: There are four levels of CDMP except for the basic one which is known as Fundamentals of data management. The other four levels are specialised certificates which can be done by clearing the fundamental course with at least 70% weightage and 10 years of industry experience.

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