EBIOS – Risk Management

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Course Overview

EBIOS Risk Manager training enables you to gain the necessary knowledge and develop the necessary competence to master risk management concepts and components related to all assets of relevance for Information Security based on the EBIOS method.

Based on practical exercises and case studies, you will have the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to perform an optimal Information Security risk assessment and timely risk management by being familiar with its life cycle. This training fits perfectly in the framework of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard implementation process.

After mastering all the necessary concepts of risk assessment using the EBIOS method, you can sit for the exam and apply for a “PECB Certificate Holder in EBIOS Risk Manager” certificate. By holding a PECB Risk Manager Certificate, you will be able to demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge and professional capabilities to support an organization in performing risk assessment based on the EBIOS method.

Learning objectives

  • Understand the concepts and basic principles of risk management associated with the use of the EBIOS method
  • Understand the activities of the EBIOS method to follow the completion of studies (pilot, control, reframe) as a work master
  • Understand and explain the findings of an EBIOS study and its key deliverables
  • Acquire the necessary skills to carry out an EBIOS study
  • Acquire the necessary skills to manage the security risks of an organization’s information systems
  • Develop the necessary skills to analyze and communicate the results of an EBIOS study

Educational approach

  • This training is based on both theory and best practices of risk assessment using the EBIOS method
  • Lecture sessions are illustrated with examples based on case studies
  • Practical exercises are based on case studies which include role-playing and discussions
  • Practical exercises and examples are similar to the Certificate Exam


Fundamental knowledge of risk management.

Target Audiance

  • Individuals seeking to learn and understand the basic concepts of Risk Management
  • Individuals participating in risk assessment activities using the EBIOS method
  • Managers seeking to understand the techniques for performing risk assessment based on the EBIOS method
  • Managers seeking to master the techniques for analyzing and communicating the results of a risk assessment based on the EBIOS method

Schedule Dates

EBIOS – Risk Management
20 May 2024 - 22 May 2024
EBIOS – Risk Management
20 August 2024 - 22 August 2024
EBIOS – Risk Management
20 November 2024 - 22 November 2024
EBIOS – Risk Management
24 February 2025 - 26 February 2025

Course Content

  • Training course objectives and structure
  • Introduction to EBIOS RM method
  • Workshop 1 Scope and security baseline
  • Workshop 2 Risk origins

  • Workshop 3 Strategic scenarios
  • Workshop 4 Operational scenarios
  • Workshop 5 Risk treatment
  • Closing of the training course

  • Certificate exam


EBIOS is a French methodology for identifying and assessing information security risks within an organization. It offers a structured, comprehensive, and adaptable approach with several key benefits:

  • Focus on business impacts: EBIOS prioritizes analyzing risks based on their potential impact on organizational objectives and critical functions.
  • Collaborative approach: It involves stakeholders from various departments, fostering communication and shared responsibility for security.
  • Adaptability: EBIOS can be tailored to diverse organizational contexts and information systems.
  • Compliance & best practices: The methodology aligns with various security standards and regulations, including ISO/IEC 27001.

You’ll gain in-depth knowledge and practical skills in:

  • The EBIOS methodology: Understand the different phases and principles of EBIOS risk assessment.
  • Identifying information assets and threats: Learn how to pinpoint critical assets and potential threats to their security.
  • Assessing risks and vulnerabilities: Master techniques for analyzing the severity and likelihood of security risks.
  • Prioritizing and mitigating risks: Develop strategies to address risks based on their potential impact and feasibility of mitigation.
  • Documenting and reporting risks: Effectively communicate risk assessments and recommendations to stakeholders.

  • Demonstrate expertise: Mastering EBIOS is a valuable skill recognized by employers in various industries.
  • Boost your marketability: Stand out in the job market with specialized knowledge in risk management.
  • Advance your career: This course opens doors to higher-level positions in information security and risk management.
  • Improve organizational impact: Your expertise can help your organization effectively manage security risks and protect its valuable assets.
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