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Implementing IT Management Collaboration CITAM Core Technologies

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Course Overview

In harmony with the IAITAM Best Practices Library (“IBPL”), the CITAM Course is structured to provide a comprehensive understanding. Participants will gain insights into the entirety of the ITAM Program and acquire a foundational strategy for initiating or enhancing their organization’s ITAM efforts. Spanning a concentrated three-day duration, the course is full of informative content and real-world scenarios, all intended to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your ITAM Program. The CITAM Certification holds the potential to significantly elevate the credibility of both you and your ITAM Program.

Topics Covered Include:

  • IAITAM and the Mission
  • ITAM Code of Ethics
  • Defining Primary Roles in an ITAM Program
  • IAITAM’s 12 KPAs
  • Relationships, Dependencies, and Benefits
  • KPA Interdependencies
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Creating Dynamic Job Descriptions for the ITAM Program
  • The Role of a Program Manager
  • Project Management Relationship Triangle
  • Sample Projects by KPA
  • Prioritization and the ITAM Program
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Process Building Best Practices
  • Gaining Executive Buy-in
  • Business Case Template
  • Maturity Assessment
  • ITAM as a Core Business Function

Target Audiance

  • Implementing IT Management Collaboration (CITAM) Core Technologies is crucial for professionals in Dubai aiming to streamline organizational processes.
  • Understanding the core technologies involved in CITAM empowers IT management teams to enhance collaboration and efficiency.
  • Dubai's dynamic business landscape necessitates adeptness in CITAM core technologies to stay competitive and meet evolving demands.

Schedule Dates

Implementing IT Management Collaboration CITAM Core Technologies
20 August 2024
Implementing IT Management Collaboration CITAM Core Technologies
20 November 2024
Implementing IT Management Collaboration CITAM Core Technologies
20 February 2025
Implementing IT Management Collaboration CITAM Core Technologies
20 May 2025

Course Content

  • Overseeing the maintenance and optimization of hardware and networking systems.

  • Implementing protocols and tools to safeguard data and systems against cyber threats.

  • Facilitating the seamless incorporation of cloud solutions into existing IT infrastructure.

  • Leveraging data insights to drive strategic decision-making and enhance operational efficiency.

  • Introducing platforms for seamless communication and collaboration among team members.

  • Utilizing software to streamline project planning, execution, and monitoring.


CITAM stands for Collaborative IT Asset Management. It’s a system that helps organizations effectively manage their IT assets by facilitating collaboration among various IT stakeholders. It’s important because it ensures better asset visibility, improved decision-making, and cost optimization in IT operations.

The core technologies involved in CITAM implementation typically include asset management software, IT service management (ITSM) tools, configuration management databases (CMDB), and integration platforms for data exchange between different IT systems.

In Dubai, where many businesses are rapidly adopting digital technologies, CITAM offers several advantages such as enhanced regulatory compliance, streamlined IT operations, reduced risk of asset-related incidents, and improved resource utilization, which are crucial for maintaining competitiveness in the market.

Challenges may include resistance to change from IT staff, data quality issues during initial integration, ensuring compatibility and interoperability of existing IT systems, and the need for comprehensive training to ensure the adoption and effective utilization of CITAM tools.

Implementation typically involves assessing current IT asset management processes, selecting appropriate CITAM tools, customizing them to meet specific organizational needs, integrating CITAM with existing IT systems, training staff, and continuously monitoring and optimizing the CITAM framework.

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