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Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016

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Course Overview

Students in this Intermediate Word 2016 training class should already be able to create, edit, and print Word 2016 documents on Windows. In this Word 2016 class, students will learn advanced formatting, use Word 2016 drawing tools, create and manage tables, and work with column layouts. This course is intended for students who have basic skills with Microsoft Word 2016 who want to learn intermediate-level skills or students who want to learn the topics covered in this course in the 2016 interface.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to use Word 2016’s advanced editing tools.
  • Learn to work with images, including placing and sizing images, wrapping text around images, and using borders and effects.
  • Learn to adjust page orientation and layout.
  • Learn to work with columns.
  • Learn to work with page and section breaks.
  • Learn about document views, using the navigation pane, and viewing multiple windows.

Target Audiance

  • Office Administrators seeking to improve document formatting and management skills.
  • Project Managers looking to create and manage project documentation efficiently.
  • Marketing Professionals aiming to design polished reports and proposals.x
  • Human Resources Personnel needing to streamline the creation of employee handbooks and forms.

Schedule Dates

Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016
10 September 2024
Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016
10 December 2024
Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016
10 March 2025
Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016
10 June 2025

Course Content

  • Shading and Borders
  • Exercise: Using Shading and Borders
  • Setting Line and Paragraph Spacing
  • Changing Styles
  • Exercise: Changing Styles
  • Paragraph Marks and Other Formatting Symbols
  • Exercise: Using Formatting Symbols

  • Inserting a Table.
  • Exercise: Insert a Table.
  • Table Styles
  • Exercise: Adding Styles to a Table
  • Formatting a Table
  • Exercise: Formatting a Table

  • Inserting Images
  • Exercise: Insert an Image into a Microsoft Word Document
  • Placing and Sizing Images
  • Exercise: Place and Size an Image in a Microsoft Word Document
  • Wrapping Text around an Image
  • Exercise: Wrapping Test around an Image
  • Adjusting Images
  • Exercise: Adjusting Images in Microsoft Word
  • Borders and Effects
  • Exercise: Adding Borders and Effects to Images in Microsoft Word

  • Orientation and Paper Size
  • Working with Columns
  • Exercise: Changing the Page Setup
  • Advanced Formatting
  • Working with Fields
  • Page and Section Braks
  • Exercise: Adding Page and Section Breaks

  • Adding and Editing Charts
  • Exercise: Working with Charts
  • Working with Clip Art
  • Exercise: Working with Clip Art
  • Using Shapes
  • Exercise: Adding Shapes
  • Working with SmartArt
  • Exercise: Working with SmartArt
  • Creating Captions
  • Using Building Blocks
  • Exercise: Insrting a Building Block in Your Document

  • Document Views
  • Using the Navigation Pane
  • Multiple Windows
  • Exercise: Working with Multiple Windows

  • Editing PDF Documents in Microsoft Word
  • Exercise: Editing a PDF in Word
  • Using Live Layout and Alignment Guides


The duration of the Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016 course typically ranges from 1 to 2 days, depending on the training provider. Some courses may offer extended hours for more in-depth coverage.

Participants should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word, including familiarity with creating and formatting documents. Completion of a beginner-level Word course or equivalent experience is recommended.

The course covers advanced formatting techniques, working with templates and styles, using mail merge, creating and managing tables and charts, collaborating on documents, and customizing the Word environment.

Yes, most training providers offer a certificate of completion for participants who successfully complete the Intermediate Microsoft Word 2016 course.

Participants should bring a laptop with Microsoft Word 2016 installed. Some training centers may provide laptops, but it’s best to confirm this beforehand. Additionally, bringing a notepad and pen for taking notes can be helpful

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