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Introduction to Azure OpenAI and Github Copilot for End user

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Course Overview

OpenAI, a prominent leader in artificial intelligence research, and GitHub, a renowned platform for code sharing and collaboration, have joined forces to introduce the ‘End User Certification’ program. This collaborative initiative aims to authenticate users’ capabilities in effectively implementing and utilizing AI technologies. Industries widely utilize this certification to ascertain employees’ proficiency in AI, which plays a pivotal role in driving business strategies, facilitating informed decision-making, and fostering innovation.

GitHub serves as an ideal platform for hosting AI projects and facilitating collaboration among developers, while OpenAI’s advanced models such as GPT-3 offer extensive possibilities for various applications. The certification program encompasses comprehension and utilization of these innovative tools, harmonizing OpenAI’s cutting-edge technology with GitHub’s collaboration-centric approach. Notably, the certification does not mandate specific training or coursework, offering flexibility to individuals seeking to demonstrate their proficiency in AI technologies.

Why Should You Learn Introduction to OpenAI and GitHub for End User?

Learning the Introduction to OpenAI and GitHub course empowers end users with knowledge of AI technology and coding platforms, making them more proficient and competitive. It enhances their statistical, and analytical skills, and their ability to interpret complex data, bringing efficiency and innovation in their roles.

Learning Objectives – What you will Learn in this Introduction to OpenAI and GitHub for End User Course?

Upon completing the Introduction to OpenAI and GitHub for End User course, students should be able to: 1. Understand the core concepts and operations of OpenAI, including its functionalities, services, and capabilities.
2. Understand the primary function of GitHub, create repositories, commit changes, and understand pull requests.
3. Interpret how OpenAI can interact with other AI tools and platforms, including GitHub.
4. Be able to implement basic OpenAI operations and utilize GitHub for project management, collaboration, and version control effectively.
5. Comprehend the purpose and significance of AI in the contemporary digital era, its potential, limitations, and ethical considerations.
6. Understand how the integration of OpenAI and GitHub can benefit their personal and professional projects.

Target Audiance

  • Individuals interested in AI and Machine Learning.
  • Software developers and programmers.
  • Tech enthusiasts keen to learn about AI advancements.
  • Users aiming to contribute in open source AI projects.
  • Students studying computer science or AI related fields.
  • Non-technical individuals curious about OpenAI and Github.

Schedule Dates

Introduction to Azure OpenAI and Github Copilot for End user
24 September 2024
Introduction to Azure OpenAI and Github Copilot for End user
24 December 2024
Introduction to Azure OpenAI and Github Copilot for End user
24 March 2025
Introduction to Azure OpenAI and Github Copilot for End user
24 June 2025

Course Content

  • What is the OpenAI API and what can it do?
  • How does OpenAI protect user data?

  • What are GPT models and how do they work?
  • • What are some examples of tasks that can be done with GPT models?
  • • How to design prompts for GPT models?
  • • What are the limitations of GPT models?

  • What are embeddings models and how do they work?
  • • What are some examples of tasks that can be done with embeddings models?
  • • How to use embeddings models in the OpenAI API?

  • What are tokens and tokenizers and why are they important?
  • • How to use the tokenizer tool to test strings?
  • • How to estimate the number of tokens for a given text?

  • What is GitHub and how does it work?
  • • How to connect to GitHub using SSH?
  • • How to create and manage a repository on GitHub?

  • What is Markdown and how to use it on GitHub?
  • • How to create sophisticated formatting for your prose and code on GitHub?

  • What are pull requests and how to use them on GitHub?
  • • How to discuss and review changes with collaborators on GitHub?
  • • How to merge changes into the base branch on GitHub?

  • What are some security features on GitHub and how to use them?
  • • How to protect your account and data with two-factor authentication, SSH, and commit signature verification on GitHub?

  • What are some ways to import code to GitHub from your local computer?
  • How to use GitHub CLI or Git commands to import code to GitHub?


This course is specifically designed to introduce end users to the functionalities and capabilities of Azure OpenAI and GitHub Copilot. It provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of how these tools can be leveraged effectively in various business contexts.

This course is ideal for end users across industries who wish to explore and utilize Azure OpenAI and GitHub Copilot in their day-to-day workflows. Whether you are a business professional, project manager, content creator, or any other end user, this course caters to individuals seeking to enhance their productivity and efficiency with AI-driven tools.

The course covers fundamental concepts related to Azure OpenAI and GitHub Copilot, including their functionalities, practical applications, integration techniques, and best practices for end users. Participants will learn how to leverage these tools to streamline tasks, enhance collaboration, and optimize workflows.

The course is structured into modules, each focusing on specific aspects of Azure OpenAI and GitHub Copilot for end users. Participants will have access to instructional videos, practical demonstrations, hands-on exercises, and supplementary resources to support their learning journey.

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