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Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019

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Course Overview

Do you manage large sets of numbers, names, dates, or other pieces of information? If so, then you need to create worksheets to manage, store, organize, and even analyze this information. Excel, Microsoft’s powerful spreadsheet software, is the most widely-used program to handle this task. In fact, most workplaces require that new employees have a basic level of understanding of Microsoft Excel.  If you want to learn the 2019 version of Microsoft Excel, this course will introduce you to the program’s basic functions and uses. Through hands-on lessons, you will learn numerous shortcuts to quickly and efficiently set up worksheets. You will also learn how to use the function wizard to calculate statistics, future values, and more. In addition, you will get tips on sorting and analyzing data, creating three-dimensional workbooks, and automating frequently repeated tasks with macros and buttons. By the time you’re done, you will know how to use this vital Office 2019 tool.


Learn to create and edit Microsoft Word documents.

  • Learn about the Ribbon.
  • Learn about the File tab.
  • Learn to create new documents and use Word templates.
  • Learn to format Word documents.
  • Learn to add page numbers, headers and footers, and spell and grammar

Target Audiance

  • The eager newbie, soaking up every Word feature like a sponge.
  • The skeptical veteran, reluctantly adding new tricks to their repertoire.
  • The multitasker, toggling between Word and their emails throughout the session.
  • The perfectionist, meticulously adjusting every font and alignment.

Schedule Dates

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019
17 June 2024
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019
17 September 2024
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019
17 December 2024
Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019
17 March 2025

Course Content

  • Starting Microsoft Word
  • Creating a Document
  • Saving a Document
  • Importing a File
  • The Status Bar

  • The Ribbon
  • Tabs
  • Groups
  • Commands

  • Introduction to the Backstage View
  • Opening a Document
  • New Documents and Word Templates
  • Configuring Documents to Print
  • Adding Your Name to Microsoft Word
  • Adding Values to Document Properties
  • Working with Autosaved Versions of Documents

  • Adding Common Commands
  • Adding Additional commands with the Customize Dialog Box
  • Adding Ribbon Commands or Groups
  • Placement

  • Selecting Text
  • Selecting Fonts
  • Working with Fonts
  • Working with Lists
  • Inserting a Hyperlink in a Document
  • Using Styles
  • Using Themes
  • Using the Ruler
  • Setting Margins

  • Find
  • Find and Replace
  • Find and Replace Tips
  • Appending Text to a Document
  • Using the Clipboard

  • Adding Page Numbers
  • Headers and Footers
  • Checking Spelling and Grammar


Microsoft Word 2019 is a word processing software developed by Microsoft. It allows users to create, edit, format, and print documents such as letters, reports, resumes, and more.

Microsoft Word 2019 requires a computer running Windows 10 or later. It also requires at least 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of available disk space. A compatible processor and monitor with a resolution of at least 1280 x 768 are also recommended.

Microsoft Word 2019 is typically included in the Microsoft Office suite. You can purchase Office from the Microsoft website or through authorized retailers. Once you have purchased Office, you can download and install it from your Microsoft account.

To create a new document in Microsoft Word 2019, open the application and click on the “File” tab in the top left corner. Then, click on “New” and select “Blank Document” to start a new document.

Yes, Microsoft Word 2019 is available for Mac computers. You can purchase and install it from the Microsoft website or through the Mac App Store.

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