ISO 37301 Transition

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Course Overview

You may already be familiar with ISO 19600 guidelines for establishing, developing, implementing, evaluating, maintaining, and improving an effective and responsive compliance management system (CMS). Due to increased interest in ensuring organizations’ accountability and responsibility, this standard has been replaced by ISO 37301, a Type A management system standard against which organizations can formally assess and certify their CMS.

The ISO 37301 Transition training course enables you to obtain a detailed understanding of the differences between ISO 37301 and ISO 19600 by making clause-by-clause comparisons to showcase the changes, updates, and new requirements of ISO 37301. As such, you should be able to support an organization in transitioning their CMS from ISO 19600 recommendations to ISO 37301 requirements.

Once you become acquainted with the new concepts and requirements of ISO 37301 and attending the training course, you can sit for the exam, and if successfully passed, you can apply for the “PECB Certified ISO 37301 Transition” credential. This certificate proves that you have an up-to-date knowledge to successfully apply the ISO 37301 changes to an existing CMS.

Learning Objectives

By participating in this training course, you will:

  • Learn about the main differences between ISO 19600 and ISO 37301
  • Comprehend the new concepts and requirements of ISO 37301
  • Learn how to effectively apply the ISO 37301 changes to an existing compliance management system

Educational Approach

The training course is participant centered and contains:

  • This training course is based on theory, and best practices used in the process of transitioning a CMS from ISO 19600 to ISO 37301
  • Lecture sessions illustrated with graphics, examples, and discussions
  • Interactions between participants by means of questions and suggestions
  • Quizzes with similar structure to the certification exam


Participants who attend this training course need to have a fundamental understanding of compliance concepts, ISO 19600 recommendations, and a comprehensive knowledge of the transition process.

Target Audiance

  • Individuals wishing to develop an up-to-date understanding of ISO 37301 requirements for a CMS and its main differences from ISO 19600 recommendations
  • Individuals responsible for transitioning a CMS from ISO 19600 to ISO 37301
  • Managers, trainers, and consultants
  • Professionals wishing to update their ISO 19600 certificates

Schedule Dates

ISO 37301 Transition
13 May 2024 - 14 May 2024
ISO 37301 Transition
13 August 2024 - 14 August 2024
ISO 37301 Transition
13 November 2024 - 14 November 2024
ISO 37301 Transition
13 February 2025 - 14 February 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction to ISO 37301 and comparison with ISO 19600

  • ISO 37301 — ISO 19600 clause-by-clause comparison and certification exam


ISO 37301 Transition refers to the process of transitioning from a previous version of a compliance management system (CMS) standard to the latest version, ISO 37301. It involves updating existing compliance management practices, documentation, and processes to align with the requirements of ISO 37301.

ISO 37301 Transition is important for organizations to ensure that their compliance management systems remain effective, up-to-date, and compliant with the latest international standards. Transitioning to ISO 37301 demonstrates a commitment to best practices in compliance management and enhances an organization’s ability to meet regulatory requirements and stakeholder expectations.

ISO 37301 Transition typically involves collaboration among various stakeholders within an organization, including compliance officers, legal advisors, risk managers, auditors, and senior management. It may also involve external consultants or experts with experience in compliance management systems and ISO standards.

ISO 37301 Transition typically involves several key steps, including:

  • Conducting a gap analysis to assess the organization’s current compliance management practices against the requirements of ISO 37301.
  • Developing a transition plan outlining the actions needed to address identified gaps and implement changes.
  • Updating documentation, policies, and procedures to align with ISO 37301 requirements.
  • Providing training and awareness sessions to relevant personnel on changes to the compliance management system.
  • Conducting internal audits to verify compliance with ISO 37301 requirements.
  • Implementing corrective actions as necessary to address any non-conformities identified during the transition process.
  • Seeking certification or recertification from a certification body to demonstrate compliance with ISO 37301.
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