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Office 365 for the End-User

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Course Overview

The “Office 365 for the End-User” course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft 365, tailored for individuals looking to maximize their productivity with the suite of tools available in Office 365. This course provides a deep dive into the functionalities and applications of Office 365, ensuring that learners can effectively navigate and utilize the platform to its full potential. The curriculum is structured into modules, each focusing on a specific component such as Outlook Online, Skype for Business, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, OneNote Online, and Microsoft Teams, among others. By participating in 0365 training, users will gain proficiency in managing their email, calendars, and contacts, conducting instant messaging and online meetings, collaborating on documents, and leveraging cloud storage. Hands-on labs reinforce learning, enabling users to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, thereby enhancing their efficiency and collaboration capabilities within their organizations.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes:

  • Understand the Office 365 ecosystem and navigate its interface confidently.
  • Manage and configure user profiles, settings, and options within Office 365.
  • Utilize Outlook Online for email management, calendar scheduling, and contact organization.
  • Leverage Skype for Business for instant messaging, voice and video conferencing, and online meetings.
  • Utilize SharePoint Online for content management, workflow coordination, and adhering to information policies.
  • Operate OneDrive for Business for file storage, sharing, and collaboration.

Course Prerequisites

Certainly, here are the minimum required prerequisites for successfully undertaking the Office 365 for the End-User course:

  • Basic understanding and use of a Windows operating system, such as Windows 10 or later.
  • Familiarity with the core Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), as this will aid in grasping the online versions of these tools.
  • Basic knowledge of internet browsing and web navigation skills.
  • Basic email management skills, which would apply to managing email in Outlook Online.
  • An understanding of file management and organization on a personal computer to effectively utilize OneDrive for Business.
  • Comfort with written and spoken communication in the language the course is being taught.

Target Audiance

  • IT Support Specialists - Enhance their proficiency in troubleshooting and supporting Office 365 applications for end-users.
  • Administrative Assistants - Improve their efficiency in using Office 365 tools for scheduling, email management, and document organization.
  • Project Managers - Utilize Office 365 features for project planning, collaboration, and document sharing.
  • Human Resources Personnel - Streamline HR processes with Office 365 tools for recruitment, onboarding, and employee management.

Schedule Dates

Office 365 for the End-User
03 September 2024
Office 365 for the End-User
03 December 2024
Office 365 for the End-User
03 March 2025
Office 365 for the End-User
03 June 2025

Course Content

  • Office 365 Overview
  • Accessing Office 365
  • Managing Office 365 profiles

  • Manage Email
  • Managing Calendars
  • Managing Contacts
  • Configuring Outlook Options

  • Skype for Business overview
  • Instant Messaging in Skype for Business
  • Conferencing in Skype for Business

  • Working with site content and navigation
  • Managing workflows in SharePoint Online
  • Implement information management policies

  • OneDrive Overview
  • OneNote Online Overview


The course typically spans 2 to 3 days, depending on the training provider. It covers comprehensive modules to ensure end-users can effectively use Office 365 applications.

The course covers various topics including an overview of Office 365, using Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint. It also includes modules on collaboration tools and productivity tips.

No prior knowledge or experience is necessary. The course is designed for beginners and will guide you through the basics to more advanced features of Office 365.

Yes, participants typically receive a certificate of completion from the training provider, which can be useful for professional development and career advancement.

There are no formal prerequisites. However, having basic computer literacy and familiarity with Microsoft Office applications is advantageous.

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