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SC-400: Implement Information Protection in Microsoft 365

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Course Overview

Learn how to protect information in your Microsoft 365 deployment. This course focuses on data lifecycle management and information protection and compliance within your organization. The course covers the implementation of data loss prevention policies, sensitive information types, sensitivity labels, data retention policies, Microsoft Purview Message Encryption, audit, eDiscovery, and insider risk among other related topics. The course helps learners prepare for the Microsoft Information Protection Administrator exam (SC-400).

Target Audience

The information protection administrator translates an organization’s risk and compliance requirements into technical implementation. They are responsible for implementing and managing solutions for content classification, data loss prevention (DLP), information protection, data lifecycle management, records management, privacy, risk, and compliance. They also work with other roles that are responsible for governance, data, and security to evaluate and develop policies to address an organization’s risk reduction and compliance goals. This role assists workload administrators, business application owners, human resources departments, and legal stakeholders in implementing technology solutions that support the necessary policies and controls.

 Course Prerequisites

Before attending this course, students should have:

  • Foundational knowledge of Microsoft security and compliance technologies.
  • Basic knowledge of information protection concepts.
  • Understanding of cloud computing concepts.
  • Understanding of Microsoft 365 products and services.


Target Audiance

  • The meticulous analyst who dissects every concept with precision.
  • The enthusiastic novice eager to absorb every morsel of knowledge.
  • The seasoned professional, seeking to refine their existing expertise.
  • The skeptic, questioning each theory with a critical eye.

Schedule Dates

SC-400: Implement Information Protection in Microsoft 365
17 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
SC-400: Implement Information Protection in Microsoft 365
17 December 2024 - 20 December 2024
SC-400: Implement Information Protection in Microsoft 365
17 March 2025 - 20 March 2025
SC-400: Implement Information Protection in Microsoft 365
17 June 2025 - 20 June 2025

Course Content

  • Understanding the fundamentals and importance of efficient supply chain operations.

  • Exploring strategies for effective movement of goods within and outside Dubai.

  • Optimizing storage facilities and inventory control techniques for enhanced efficiency.

  • Strategies for sourcing quality materials and managing supplier relationships.

  • Identifying potential risks and implementing mitigation measures to ensure continuity.

  • Leveraging modern technologies like IoT and blockchain for improved traceability and efficiency.


This course focuses on teaching participants how to plan and implement information protection solutions using Microsoft 365. It covers key topics such as data classification, information governance, and data loss prevention (DLP).

SC400 is designed for professionals, managers, and executives who are involved in or aspire to work in supply chain management, logistics, operations, procurement, or related fields.

The course covers a wide range of topics including supply chain strategy, inventory management, logistics, procurement, supplier relationships, demand forecasting, and supply chain sustainability.

Yes, SC400 is suitable for beginners as it provides a comprehensive introduction to supply chain management concepts and does not require any prior experience in the field.

There are no specific prerequisites for taking SC400. However, a basic understanding of business concepts and operations would be beneficial.

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