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ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation Course In Saudi Arabia

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Course Overview

ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation training course provides information on the fundamental concepts of information security, cybersecurity and privacy based on ISO/IEC 27002. ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation training course enables participants to learn the basic concepts related to the implementation and management of information security controls based on the guidelines of ISO/IEC 27002. Through this training course, participants will be able to identify the information security controls of ISO/IEC 27002 that are categorized into four themes: organizational, people, physical, and technological. The training course also provides information on how ISO/IEC 27002 is related with other standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27003.

The training course is followed by an exam. If you pass, you can apply for the “PECB Certificate Holder in ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation” certificate. This certificate demonstrates that you have a general knowledge of ISO/IEC 27002 information security controls.

Key Features Of ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation Certification

  • Comprehensive understanding of information security management principles and concepts.
  • Knowledge of ISO/IEC 27002 standard requirements and guidelines for implementing an information security management system (ISMS).
  • Awareness of risk assessment and risk management methodologies in the context of information security.
  • Skills to identify and mitigate information security risks effectively.
  • Familiarity with best practices for information security controls, policies, procedures, and documentation.
  • Ability to contribute to the development, implementation, and maintenance of an ISMS aligned with ISO/IEC 27002 standards.
  • Recognition as a certified professional with expertise in information security management.

Why Choose CounselTrain for ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation Training In Saudi Arabia?

CounselTrain stands out as the premier choice for ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation Training in Saudi Arabia for several compelling reasons. CounselTrain offers comprehensive and expert-led training programs that are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of businesses and professionals in Saudi Arabia. Their trainers are highly experienced and knowledgeable in ISO/IEC standards, ensuring top-notch education and practical insights. CounselTrain’s courses are designed to be interactive and engaging, making learning both effective and enjoyable. With a focus on real-world application and industry best practices, CounselTrain equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of information security management effectively.

Target Audiance

  • Managers and consultants seeking to know more about information security controls of ISO/IEC 27002
  • Professionals engaged in or responsible for information security management
  • Individuals seeking to gain knowledge about the main processes of an information security management system and information security controls
  • Individuals interested to pursue a career in information security

Schedule Dates

ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation
21 August 2024 - 22 August 2024
ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation
21 November 2024 - 22 November 2024
ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation
24 February 2025 - 25 February 2025
ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation
26 May 2025 - 27 May 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction to ISO/IEC 27002 and organizational controls

  • People, physical, and technological controls and certificate exam

ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation In Saudi Arabia

The ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation course holds immense importance in Saudi Arabia market due to its focus on information security management. As businesses increasingly rely on digital data and technologies, the need for robust cybersecurity practices has become paramount. This course equips participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve an information security management system based on ISO/IEC 27002 standards. By completing this training, professionals gain a competitive edge in the market, demonstrating their ability to protect sensitive information, mitigate risks, and comply with international standards. The growing demand for cybersecurity expertise in Saudi Arabia underscores the significance of the ISO/IEC 27002 Foundation course, making it a strategic investment for individuals and organizations looking to stay ahead in today’s digital landscape.


This course provides a comprehensive foundational understanding of the ISO/IEC 27002 standard, a set of best practices for managing information security controls. It equips you with the knowledge and skills to:

  • Identify and assess information security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Understand and apply a wide range of information security controls.
  • Contribute to the implementation and maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27002.
  • Prepare for further certifications, such as ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor or Information Security Officer.

The course typically covers the following:

  • Introduction to information security concepts and principles.
  • Structure and key sections of the ISO/IEC 27002 standard.
  • Categories of information security controls (organizational, physical, and technical).
  • Understanding and selecting appropriate controls based on risk assessment.
  • Benefits and challenges of implementing ISO/IEC 27002.
  • Practical applications of the standard in different organizations.

Demonstrating a strong foundation in ISO/IEC 27002 can enhance your skills and marketability in various ways:

  • Stand out in the job market: Information security is a growing field, and understanding best practices like ISO/IEC 27002 can give you an edge in competitive job markets.
  • Increase your knowledge and expertise: Gaining insights into information security controls and risk management broadens your professional skillset.
  • Support career advancement: This course acts as a stepping stone for further certifications and can open doors to higher positions in information security.
  • Contribute to organizational success: Applying the knowledge gained can help your organization improve its information security posture and mitigate risks.

Look for reputable training providers accredited by recognized organizations like PECB, (ISC)² , or ISACA. Many offer virtual and in-person options depending on your preference.

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