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Implementing Veritas NetBackup 10.x Maintenance and Troubleshooting Core Technologies

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Course Overview

The NetBackup 10.x: Maintenance and Troubleshooting course provides IT professionals with instructions on troubleshooting Veritas NetBackup software. This course covers general error detection tools and troubleshooting methodologies. It enables students to learn how to resolve issues related to the NetBackup database, devices, media, disk, cloud, OST, deduplication, and virtualization. In addition, students study the functions of key NetBackup processes and learn how to enable, view, and manage the associated logs.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:
• Explain the core processes and functions of the NetBackup Primary server, Media server, and clients.
• Summarize the process flow for a backup, tape-based restore, and disk-based restore operation.
• Understand the core functions and use of legacy and unified logging.
• Track the relevant debug logs for backups and restores, resource allocation, and network communication.
• Recognize common debug log messages related to a successful and failed backup job.
• Troubleshoot Certificate Revocation List configuration and expired certificate issues.
• Explain the VxUpdate error codes and their corresponding resolution.
• Resolve common NetBackup Web UI access issues.
• Describe the methodology to troubleshoot OpenStorage Technology plug-in backup logging and NetBackup Cloud storage configuration.


Students should be familiar with general network and storage concepts, and administration and configuration of Windows or Linux operating systems. Students must also have one to three years of experience with basic NetBackup administration, configuration, and operations. These prerequisites can be met by attending any version of the NetBackup Adminis.

Target Audiance

  • This course is for NetBackup administrators,
  • Operators,
  • System engineers,
  • Technical support personnel who want to broaden their NetBackup advanced troubleshooting knowledge and skills on a Windows or UNIX platform.

Schedule Dates

Implementing Veritas NetBackup 10.x Maintenance and Troubleshooting Core Technologies
16 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
Implementing Veritas NetBackup 10.x Maintenance and Troubleshooting Core Technologies
16 December 2024 - 20 December 2024
Implementing Veritas NetBackup 10.x Maintenance and Troubleshooting Core Technologies
17 March 2025 - 21 March 2025
Implementing Veritas NetBackup 10.x Maintenance and Troubleshooting Core Technologies
23 June 2025 - 27 June 2025

Course Content

  • Setting up Veritas NetBackup 10.x in Dubai's infrastructure. Backup Policies and Schedules: Designing and implementing backup strategies tailored to Dubai's specific requirements.

  • Optimizing storage utilization and managing backups efficiently in Dubai's storage environment.

  • Developing comprehensive plans to ensure data recovery and business continuity in Dubai.

  • Fine-tuning NetBackup configurations to enhance backup and restore speeds for Dubai's systems.

  • Implementing robust security measures and ensuring compliance with local regulations in Dubai.

  • Equipping participants with skills to diagnose and resolve common NetBackup issues in Dubai's setup.


Veritas NetBackup 10.x is an enterprise-level backup and recovery software solution that provides data protection for various environments including virtual, physical, and cloud-based infrastructures.

Veritas NetBackup 10.x offers features such as advanced deduplication, workload-aware storage, automated disaster recovery, multi-cloud support, and integration with leading storage platforms.

Implementing Veritas NetBackup 10. x in Dubai involves several steps including planning the deployment, installing the software on appropriate servers, configuring storage devices, defining backup policies, and testing the backup and recovery processes.

The system requirements for Veritas NetBackup 10. x typically include hardware specifications for servers, storage devices, and networking components. Additionally, the software may have specific operating system compatibility requirements.

Troubleshooting Veritas NetBackup 10.x involves diagnosing and resolving issues related to backup and recovery failures, connectivity problems with storage devices, performance issues, and errors in log files.

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