ISO 37301 Introduction

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Course Overview

ISO 37301 Introduction training course introduces you to the basic concepts of compliance and ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system (CMS). Moreover, this training course shows the importance of a CMS and the benefits resulting from its implementation.

Learning objectives

This training course will help you:

  • Develop an overall understanding of the compliance concepts
  • Have a general understanding of the ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system (CMS)

Educational Approach

This training course is participant centered and contains:

  • Essay-type exercises and multiple-choice quizzes
  • Interaction between participants by means of questions and suggestions


There are no prerequisites to participate in this training course.

Target Audiance

  • Managers, consultants, and compliance officers wishing to get introduced to ISO 37301 requirements for a CMS
  • Individuals wishing to contribute in maintaining organizational integrity by supporting ethical behavior
  • Managers and members of governance, risk management, and compliance teams
  • Individuals aspiring to become compliance officers or compliance management consultants

Schedule Dates

ISO 37301 Introduction
13 May 2024
ISO 37301 Introduction
13 August 2024
ISO 37301 Introduction
13 November 2024
ISO 37301 Introduction
13 February 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction to ISO 37301 requirements for a compliance management system (CMS)


ISO 37301 Introduction is a training program designed to provide an overview and basic understanding of the ISO 37301 standard for compliance management systems. It introduces participants to the key concepts, principles, and requirements of ISO 37301 to facilitate the implementation of effective compliance management systems within organizations.

ISO 37301 Introduction training is beneficial for professionals involved in compliance management, including compliance officers, legal advisors, risk managers, auditors, and individuals responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance within organizations. It is suitable for those seeking a foundational understanding of compliance management principles irrespective of their specific roles.

ISO 37301 Introduction training typically covers essential topics such as the purpose and benefits of implementing a compliance management system, key concepts and principles of ISO 37301, requirements of the standard, structure of the compliance management system, establishing compliance objectives and processes, conducting compliance risk assessments, implementing controls, monitoring and measuring compliance performance, and continual improvement.

ISO 37301 Introduction training provides participants with a solid foundation in compliance management principles and the ISO 37301 standard, enabling them to understand the importance of compliance, identify compliance risks, and implement effective compliance management practices within their organizations. By attending this training, individuals gain insights into aligning compliance activities with organizational goals, enhancing regulatory compliance, mitigating compliance-related risks, and fostering a culture of integrity and ethical behavior.

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