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ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer Course in United Arab Emirates

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Course Overview

ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer training enables you to develop the necessary expertise to support laboratories to meet the requirements of the standard by implementing a quality control system based on ISO/IEC 17025. During this training course, you will also gain a thorough understanding of the best practices of an LMS in testing and calibration laboratories in order to produce reliable measurement results and open your laboratory`s doors for accreditation and international recognition.

After mastering all the necessary concepts of Laboratory Management Systems, you can sit for the exam and apply for a “PECB Certified ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer” credential. By holding a PECB Lead Implementer Certificate, you will be able to demonstrate that you have the practical knowledge and professional capabilities to implement ISO/IEC 17025 in your laboratory.

Key Features Of ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer Certification

  • Acknowledge the correlation between ISO/IEC 17025 and other standards and regulatory frameworks
  • Master the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a Laboratory Management System (LMS)
  • Learn how to interpret the ISO/IEC 17025 requirements in the specific context of the laboratory
  • Learn how to support a laboratory to perform testing and other operating activities
  • Acquire the expertise to advise a laboratory in implementing Laboratory Management System best practices
  • This training is based on both theory and  best practices used in the implementation of a LMS
  • Lecture sessions are illustrated with examples based on case studies
  • Practical exercises are based on a case study which includes role playing and discussions
  • Practice tests are similar to the Certification Exam

Why Choose CounselTrain for ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer Training in UAE?

Choosing CounselTrain for ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer Training in the UAE is a wise decision for several reasons. CounselTrain is a reputable organization known for its expertise in providing high-quality training programs aligned with international standards. The ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer course offered by CounselTrain is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to implement and manage testing and calibration laboratories effectively. With experienced trainers, interactive learning methodologies, and practical case studies, CounselTrain ensures that participants not only understand the theoretical aspects but also gain hands-on experience in implementing ISO/IEC 17025 standards in real-world scenarios.

Target Audiance

  • Individuals involved in Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • Managers or consultants seeking to master the implementation of a Laboratory Management System
  • Laboratory technicians responsible for maintaining conformance with Testing and Calibration Laboratories Accreditation requirements
  • Individuals responsible for supporting the operations of a Testing and Calibration Laboratory
  • Technical experts seeking to prepare for Testing and Calibration Laboratories competence assessment

Schedule Dates

ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer
16 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer
16 December 2024 - 20 December 2024
ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer
17 March 2025 - 21 March 2025
ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer
23 June 2025 - 27 June 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction to ISO/IEC 17025 and initiation of a LMS

  • Plan the implementation of a LMS

  • Implementation of a LMS

  • LMS monitoring, measurement, continuous improvement and preparation for accreditation

  • Certification Exam

ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer in United Arab Emirates

The ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer course holds significant importance in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) market due to its focus on enhancing the quality and reliability of testing and calibration laboratories. In a region known for its emphasis on precision and accuracy across various industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and environmental sectors, the implementation of ISO/IEC 17025 standards is crucial. Professionals who undergo ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer training gain the expertise to establish and maintain effective quality management systems in laboratories, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulatory requirements. This certification is vital for organizations in the UAE to demonstrate their competence, improve operational efficiency, build trust with clients, and enhance their competitiveness in the market by delivering reliable and accurate test results.


An ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer is a professional who has undergone specialized training and certification to lead the implementation of a Quality Management System (QMS) based on the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for testing and calibration laboratories. These individuals possess advanced knowledge and skills in quality management principles, laboratory operations, and compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements, enabling them to effectively plan, execute, monitor, and improve QMS within laboratories.

ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer certification is ideal for laboratory managers, quality managers, technical directors, and professionals responsible for overseeing testing and calibration activities within laboratories. It is also valuable for consultants, auditors, and individuals seeking to specialize in laboratory quality management and compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer training covers a comprehensive range of topics, including the principles and requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, laboratory quality management systems, documentation and implementation of QMS, management responsibilities, technical requirements, competency of personnel, calibration and testing methods, measurement uncertainty, proficiency testing, internal audits, management reviews, and continual improvement. Participants also learn about the importance of impartiality, confidentiality, and risk-based thinking in laboratory operations.

Obtaining ISO/IEC 17025 Lead Implementer certification offers several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced capability to lead and drive the successful implementation of a Quality Management System aligned with ISO/IEC 17025 requirements for testing and calibration laboratories.
  • Increased confidence in ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and achieving ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation, demonstrating competence and reliability in laboratory operations.
  • Improved ability to identify and address specific risks and opportunities related to laboratory testing and calibration activities, enhancing the accuracy, reliability, and traceability of measurement results.
  • Recognition as a qualified professional with specialized expertise in laboratory quality management, leading to career advancement opportunities and professional recognition within the testing and calibration industry.
  • Contribution to the enhancement of laboratory operations, ensuring the delivery of high-quality testing and calibration services that meet customer requirements and regulatory expectations.
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