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ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager Course in United Arab Emirates

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Course Overview

The ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager training course enables participants to acquire a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the implementation and management of information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002. The ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager training course enables participants to develop the necessary knowledge and skills for supporting an organization in effectively determining, implementing, and managing information security controls. The training course provides information that will help participants interpret the ISO/IEC 27002 controls in the specific context of an organization.

The PECB ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager Certification demonstrates that you have acquired the necessary expertise for determining adequate information security controls needed to treat the risks identified by a risk assessment process. The training course is followed by an exam. If you pass, you can apply for the “PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager” credential.

Key Features Of ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager Certification

  • Advanced training in information security management principles.
  • Expertise in leading and implementing ISO/IEC 27002 standards.
  • Skills to assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks effectively.
  • Knowledge of security controls and best practices.
  • Ability to develop and maintain an information security management system (ISMS).
  • Preparation for ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager Certification exam.
  • Practical insights through industry-relevant case studies and real-world scenarios.
  • Leadership capabilities to guide organizations in cybersecurity strategies.
  • Enhanced career opportunities in the field of information security management.

Why Choose CounselTrain for ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager Training in UAE?

Choosing CounselTrain for ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager Training in the UAE is a strategic decision driven by several compelling reasons. CounselTrain stands out for its comprehensive and expert-led training programs that delve into the intricacies of information security management based on ISO/IEC 27002 standards. CounselTrain’s training sessions are designed to be interactive and engaging, fostering active learning and knowledge retention. Participants also benefit from access to industry-relevant case studies, real-world examples, and hands-on exercises that enhance their skills in leading and implementing effective information security measures. By choosing CounselTrain, individuals and organizations in the UAE can stay ahead in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape and effectively mitigate risks associated with data security breaches.

Target Audiance

  • Managers or consultants seeking to enhance their knowledge regarding the implementation of information security controls in an ISMS based on ISO/IEC 27001
  • Individuals responsible for maintaining information security, compliance, risk, or governance in an organization
  • IT professionals or consultants seeking to enhance their knowledge in information security
  • Members of an ISMS implementation or information security team

Schedule Dates

ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager
07 October 2024 - 11 October 2024
ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager
13 January 2025 - 17 January 2025
ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager
14 April 2025 - 18 April 2025
ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager
14 July 2025 - 18 July 2025

Course Content

  • Introduction to ISO/IEC 27002

  • Roles and responsibilities, assets, policies, and people controls

  • Physical controls and protection of information systems and networks

  • Information security incident management and testing and monitoring of information security controls based on ISO/IEC 27002

  • Certification exam

ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager in United Arab Emirates

The ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Manager course has a significant impact on the market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to its critical role in enhancing information security practices. In an era where data breaches and cyber threats pose substantial risks to businesses, this course equips professionals with the advanced skills and knowledge needed to lead and manage information security effectively. By understanding the intricacies of ISO/IEC 27002 standards and implementing best practices, participants can mitigate risks, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure compliance with international security standards. This course’s impact is evident in the market as organizations prioritize hiring certified ISO/IEC 27002 Lead Managers to strengthen their cybersecurity posture, protect their assets, and maintain customer trust in an increasingly digital environment.


  • Accredited Training: PECB boasts internationally recognized accreditations, ensuring the course content and delivery meet the highest standards.
  • Experienced & Certified Trainers: Learn from seasoned information security professionals and certified PECB trainers.
  • Practical Approach: The course goes beyond theory, with case studies, exercises, and scenario-based learning to equip you with hands-on skills.
  • Global Recognition: PECB certification is valued by employers worldwide, enhancing your career prospects.
  • Extensive Course Materials: You’ll receive comprehensive materials tailored to PECB’s exam format for optimal preparation.

  • In-depth understanding of ISO/IEC 27002: You’ll master the standard’s requirements, controls, and guidance for managing information security risks.
  • Leadership and management skills: Develop effective strategies for leading and motivating teams in implementing and maintaining an ISMS.
  • Risk assessment and control selection: Gain hands-on experience in conducting risk assessments, identifying threats, and choosing appropriate controls.
  • ISMS implementation and documentation: Learn best practices for establishing, monitoring, and continually improving an ISMS.
  • Audit preparation and internal audit skills: Understand the audit process and acquire skills to conduct internal audits of your ISMS.

  • Demonstrate expertise: Earning the PECB Lead Manager certification validates your knowledge and competence in implementing ISO/IEC 27002.
  • Boost your marketability: Stand out in the job market with a recognized credential from a leading provider.
  • Advance your career: This certification opens doors to senior positions in information security management.
  • Command higher salaries: Certified Lead Managers often receive higher compensation compared to uncredentialed professionals.
  • Increase organizational impact: Your expertise translates into better information security for your organization, enhancing its compliance and risk management.

PECB offers flexible options, including:

  • 5-day in-person training: Immerse yourself in a dedicated learning environment with interactive sessions and peer-to-peer interaction.
  • Classroom/Online Live: Enjoy the convenience of Classroom/Online Live learning while receiving the same high-quality training and certification preparation.
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