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Implementing HUAWEI HCIA-5G Core Technologies

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Course Overview

Have a systematic understanding and grasp of knowledge and skills in 5G development and evolution, 5G network architecture and key technologies, 5G new technology convergence and innovative applications, 5G basic service capabilities and applications, and 5G industry application solutions, and have the basic capabilities of 5G industry solution design and service marketing, which are required for positions such as industry solution engineer and pre-sales solution engineer. The basic knowledge of 5G networks and industry applications, and the basic knowledge and skills required as industry solution engineers and pre-sales solution engineers.


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

Explain the functions and value of 5G basic service capabilities.

Describe the major solutions that employ 5G basic service capabilities.

Understand the current state of 5GtoB basic service applications.

Understand the 5GtoB basic service application solutions.

Understand the development of mobile communications.

Understand the driving forces of 5G development.

Understand the 5G standardization progress.

Understand the development trend of ICT technology convergence.

Elaborate the applications of 5G with new technologies in enabling the industry.

Describe the current state of 5G development in the industry.

Describe the 5G network architecture.


Basic IT technologies and network knowledge

Target Audiance

  • Personnel who want to become 5G solution engineers
  • Personnel who want to obtain the HCIA-5G V2.0 certification

Schedule Dates

Implementing HUAWEI HCIA-5G Core Technologies
10 June 2024 - 14 June 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA-5G Core Technologies
16 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA-5G Core Technologies
16 December 2024 - 20 December 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA-5G Core Technologies
17 March 2025 - 21 March 2025

Course Content

  • Understanding the foundational concepts and architecture of 5G core networks.

  • Exploring the concept of network slicing and its applications in 5G networks.

  • Implementing virtualization and cloud-native technologies in 5G core networks.

  • Delving into the principles and implementation of service-based architecture in 5G networks.

  • Understanding NFV principles and their role in 5G core networks.

  • Exploring the various interfaces within the 5G core network and their functionalities.


HUAWEI HCIA – 5G Core Technologies certification is an entry-level certification offered by Huawei for professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in 5G core network technologies.

5G core technology is crucial for Dubai’s digital transformation, enabling ultra-fast connectivity, low latency, and support for a massive number of connected devices, which are essential for smart city initiatives, autonomous vehicles, and advanced healthcare services.

Professionals working in telecommunications, network engineering, or IT fields who are involved in the planning, deployment, and maintenance of 5G networks in Dubai would greatly benefit from obtaining this certification.

There are no strict prerequisites for taking the exam, but having a basic understanding of telecommunications concepts and familiarity with IP networking would be advantageous.

You can prepare for the exam by attending Huawei’s official training courses, studying the recommended materials provided by Huawei, and practicing with sample exam questions.

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