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Implementing HUAWEI HCIA Data Centre Core Technologies

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Course Overview

Capabilities to be certified

A basic understanding of cloud data center architecture and technologies, master Huawei cloud data center hardware and software basic operation and maintenance, and with the ability to deploy and maintain the cloud data center network, security, computing, storage, and resource virtualization.


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

(1). Understand the development history, overall architecture, and evolution trend of the data center.

(2). Understand the hardware and function features of Huawei data center physical products, such as AR routers, NE routers, S switches, CE switches, RH servers, and OceanStor storage. (3). Understand basic knowledge about servers and storage devices.

(4). Understand basic software functions of Huawei cloud data center, such as FusionSphereOpenStack, FusionCompute, ManageOne, and eSight.

(5). Understand the current status and trend of SDN technology development.

(6). Understand the basic functions of Huawei SDN controller Agile Controller-DCN.

(7). Understand the routine management and O&M operations of Huawei cloud data center.


Be familiar with the operating system of the PC.

Have basic knowledge of computers. Be familiar with HCNA datacom and IT basics and be familiar with basic operations of network devices and IT devices.

Know HCIA-R&S\Storage\Server\Cloud or the same level.

Target Audiance

  • Data center deployment personnel.
  • Data center operation and maintenance personnel.

Schedule Dates

Implementing HUAWEI HCIA Data Centre Core Technologies
26 August 2024 - 30 August 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA Data Centre Core Technologies
02 December 2024 - 06 December 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA Data Centre Core Technologies
03 March 2025 - 07 March 2025
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA Data Centre Core Technologies
09 June 2025 - 13 June 2025

Course Content

  • Understanding the basics of networking protocols, architectures, and technologies.

  • Planning and designing data center infrastructures tailored to specific business needs.

  • Implementing virtualization technologies for efficient resource utilization and scalability.

  • Deploying storage systems and managing data storage in data center environments.

  • Leveraging cloud computing principles for agility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness.

  • Securing data center networks against cyber threats and unauthorized access.


HUAWEI HCIA (Huawei Certified ICT Associate) Data Centre Core Technologies is a certification program offered by Huawei for individuals looking to validate their knowledge and skills in data center core technologies, including networking, storage, and virtualization.

In Dubai, a thriving business hub, the demand for skilled professionals in data center technologies is high due to the increasing digitization of businesses. The HCIA certification equips individuals with the necessary skills to meet this demand and excel in their careers.

There are no strict prerequisites for the HCIA certification, but having a basic understanding of networking concepts is beneficial. However, individuals with little to no experience can still pursue this certification by taking relevant training courses.

Huawei offers training courses specifically designed to prepare individuals for the HCIA certification exam. Additionally, there are study materials such as books, online resources, and practice exams available to help candidates prepare effectively.

Huawei has authorized training partners and testing centers in Dubai where candidates can register and take the HCIA exam. These centers are equipped with the necessary facilities to conduct the exam in a secure and proctored environment.

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