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Implementing HUAWEI HCIA WLAN Core Technologies

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Course Overview

Master the basics of WLAN technology, have a clear understanding of the WLAN architecture and the functions of each related component, be familiar with WLAN configuration, and know how to design, deploy, and maintain a WLAN network.


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

Describe the basic concepts and development history of WLAN.

Compare WLAN and Wi-Fi.

Describe typical application scenarios of WLAN technologies.

illustrate the challenges and development trends of WLAN.

Describe basic concepts of wireless communication.

lDistinguish 802.11 protocols and describe Wi-Fi generations.

Describe the highlights of Wi-Fi 6.

Describe key WLAN technologies.

Describe basic concepts in WLAN.

Describe WLAN networking modes.

Differentiate WLAN forwarding models.

Evaluate Huawei’s typical WLAN networking solutions.

Describe the origin and implementation of CAPWAP.


l Be familiar with the PC operating system.

l Basic computer knowledge

l HCIA-DataCom certification or equivalent technical level


Target Audiance

  • Personnel who want to become WLAN assistant engineers
  • Those who wish to obtain the HCIA-WLAN certificate
  • People who want to learn WLAN technology

Schedule Dates

Implementing HUAWEI HCIA WLAN Core Technologies
19 August 2024 - 23 August 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA WLAN Core Technologies
25 November 2024 - 29 November 2024
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA WLAN Core Technologies
03 March 2025 - 07 March 2025
Implementing HUAWEI HCIA WLAN Core Technologies
09 June 2025 - 13 June 2025

Course Content

  • Understanding the fundamentals of wireless local area networks and their significance in modern networking.

  • Exploring the principles of RF propagation, frequency bands, and channel allocation in WLAN deployments.

  • Delving into access methods such as CSMA/CA, TDMA, and CDMA, and their application in WLAN environments.

  • Understanding antenna types, radiation patterns, and deployment considerations for optimal WLAN coverage.

  • Learning the methodologies and tools for planning, designing, and optimizing WLAN networks for various environments.

  • Implementing authentication, encryption, and intrusion detection/prevention techniques to secure WLAN infrastructures.


HCIA WLAN Core Technologies is a Huawei certification program that focuses on the fundamental knowledge and skills required for planning, designing, deploying, and maintaining WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) solutions.

In Dubai, where connectivity is crucial for businesses and individuals, HCIA WLAN Core Technologies certification equips professionals with the necessary expertise to build reliable and efficient wireless networks to meet the region’s growing demands.

There are no strict prerequisites for HCIA WLAN Core Technologies certification, but having a basic understanding of networking concepts is beneficial. Candidates should also have hands-on experience with WLAN equipment.

Huawei provides official training courses and study materials for the HCIA WLAN Core Technologies exam. Additionally, practicing with lab exercises and mock exams can help reinforce your understanding of the concepts.

The exam covers a wide range of topics including WLAN fundamentals, WLAN architecture and protocols, WLAN security, WLAN network planning and optimization, and WLAN troubleshooting.

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