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Course Overview

The CBP™ Leadership training and certification program is designed for individuals who are interested in pursuing a leading position throughout their career. The course provides the essential information and skills required by professionals who have to lead a team and achieve specific organizational goals. Born a leader or not, if you are planning to adopt a leader’s approach, this is the course for you. The CBP™ Leadership Certification equips the business professional with the skills and characteristics required for effective leadership. Effective leadership skills are in demand in every aspect of business and are recognized as an indispensable element for corporate success. The CBP™ Leadership certification module covers all of the essentials of today’s leaders. This is a hands-on and interactive module that uses real-life scenarios to develop practical leadership skills.


Successful completion of this course will increase your knowledge and ability to:

  • Define the leader
  • Define the followers
  • Develop a clear vision and mission and work towards achieving goals.
  • Choose the appropriate leadership style
  • Identify and analyze problems
  • Recommend problem-resolution guidelines to build a successful team and how to manage them

Target Audiance

  • The ambitious entrepreneur seeking to enhance their leadership prowess and scale their ventures to new heights.
  • The seasoned executive aiming to refine their strategic acumen and inspire organizational excellence.
  • The emerging leader eager to cultivate their management skills and empower their teams for success.

Schedule Dates

10 September 2024
10 December 2024
10 March 2025
10 June 2025

Course Content

  • What is Leadership
  • The definition of a leader
  • The definition of a follower
  • Characteristics – Features that distinguish effective leaders
  • Skill – A developed talent or ability
  • Developing a Vision
  • Developing a Mission
  • Working towards achieving goals
  • Building a cohesive team
  • Identifying and meeting team needs
  • Set standards for measuring team performance
  • Accountability
  • Motivate
  • Everyone can be a leader
  • Circumstances shape leaders
  • Leaders embrace responsibility
  • Clear Goals
  • Training
  • Followers
  • Leadership vs. Managing

  • The Transitionary Nature of Leadership
  • Leadership Styles
  • Relational Support
  • Function Support
  • Telling – High Functional, Low Rational
  • Selling – High Functional, Hugh Rational
  • Participating – Low Functional, High Rational
  • Delegating – Low Functional, Low Rational
  • The Follower
  • Committed Novice – Low Capability, High Motivation
  • Uncommitted Expert – High Capability, Low Motivation
  • Committed Expert – High Capability, High Motivation
  • Uncommitted Novice – Low Capability, Low Motivation
  • Situational Leadership

  • Direction and Destination
  • Passion
  • What are values?
  • Vision Quest
  • Mission Statement
  • Develop a Mission Plan
  • Effectively Communicate Vision as a Leader

  • Problem Identification and Analysis
  • Recommending Problem Resolution Guidelines
  • Problem Resolution
  • Establishing decision making criteria
  • Establishing criteria (develop decision making criterium)
  • Rating criteria
  • Risk Analysis – How risky is the decision
  • Cost factors – What are the costs of implementing the decision?
  • Problem Resolution
  • Implementing your decision

  • Team Building
  • Mission, Goals and Objectives
  • Team member selection criteria
  • Communicate team member’s responsibilities
  • Meeting team needs
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Team Building Benefits
  • Ownership
  • Authority
  • Acceptance
  • Collective approach to success and failure
  • Team Selection
  • Team Communication
  • Motivating Teams
  • Creating a Learning Environment – 4 basic needs
  • Relevancy
  • Autonomy
  • Security
  • Belonging


The duration of Leadership courses in Dubai can vary depending on the institution and the specific program. However, typical durations range from a few days to several months, with some offering weekend or evening classes to accommodate working professionals.

The eligibility criteria may vary between institutions and programs. However, most Leadership courses in Dubai are designed for mid to senior-level managers, executives, or aspiring leaders who seek to enhance their leadership skills and capabilities. Some courses may require a certain level of educational qualification or professional experience.

Leadership courses in Dubai cover a wide range of topics aimed at developing essential leadership skills. These may include strategic leadership, team building, communication skills, conflict resolution, decision-making, change management, and cultural intelligence, among others.

Many Leadership courses offered in Dubai are conducted by reputable institutions and are recognized internationally. However, it’s essential to research and choose a course from an accredited institution to ensure the recognition of your qualification.

Yes, most Leadership courses in Dubai are open to both employed and unemployed individuals who wish to enhance their leadership skills. However, some courses may have specific prerequisites or target audiences, so it’s essential to check the requirements before applying.

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