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Operational Resilience Foundation Course

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Course Overview

Operational Resilience has been defined as the ability of a bank to deliver critical operations through disruption. (BASEL Committee). This will help to achieve the Operational Excellence that every organization desires to achieve. Operational. Resilience is also a step towards attaining Organizational Resilience which is the need of the hour for all organizations. Some industry sectors (e.g. Banking/ BFSI) have given more importance to Operational Resilience (Bank of England, Central Bank of Ireland, etc.) in recent times, but the concepts/ approach are similar for all organizations – whatever may be their sector, size, complexity, nature, geographical location.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand Operational Resilience concepts
  • Understand regulatory regime
  • Understand the ‘Big Why’ (driver) of Operational resilience
  • Move a step towards the ‘Big How’ (implementation) of operational Resilience

Target Audiance

  • The meticulous risk managers, scrutinizing every detail for potential vulnerabilities.
  • The eager IT professionals, seeking to fortify digital infrastructures against cyber threats.
  • The proactive business continuity planners, preparing for any disruption with meticulous plans.

Schedule Dates

Operational Resilience Foundation Course
10 September 2024
Operational Resilience Foundation Course
10 December 2024
Operational Resilience Foundation Course
10 March 2025
Operational Resilience Foundation Course
10 June 2025

Course Content

  • Understanding the concept and its significance in the context of business continuity.

  • Identifying potential threats and implementing strategies to mitigate risks.

  • Analyzing the effects of disruptions on operations and prioritizing recovery efforts.

  • Developing effective communication strategies to maintain transparency and trust during crises.

  • Establishing protocols for rapid response and restoration of critical functions.

  • Assessing vulnerabilities in the supply chain and establishing contingency plans.

  • Ensuring the availability and resilience of IT systems and infrastructure.


Operational resilience refers to an organization’s ability to adapt, respond, and recover from disruptive events while maintaining continuous business operations.

Operational resilience is crucial because it ensures that businesses can withstand and recover from various disruptions, such as natural disasters, cyber-attacks, or economic crises, minimizing downtime and maintaining trust with customers and stakeholders.

The course is suitable for professionals across industries, including risk managers, business continuity planners, compliance officers, and IT professionals, who are involved in ensuring the continuity of operations within their organizations.

The course covers fundamental concepts of operational resilience, risk management frameworks, business impact analysis, crisis management, incident response planning, and regulatory requirements related to operational resilience.

By completing the Operational Resilience Foundation Course, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of operational resilience principles and best practices, enhancing their ability to contribute to their organization’s resilience strategy and effectively manage operational risks.

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